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Sarcoma Cancer Recurrence might start in the place where sarcoma cancer first started or it may also occur in the other parts of the body. The former is known as local recurrence while the latter is distant recurrence. If the sarcoma cancer reappears in some other location beyond the original point it means the sarcoma has spread in the body. Many sarcoma patients who undergo the cancer treatment always remain anxious about the possibility of a recurrence in future. Often due to failure on the part of the patient to detect early symptoms in the body the tumor keeps growing.

Gradually, it so happens that the tumor starts spreading in the body beyond its origin making things more complex. The cancerous cell affecting other body parts is a greater concern than the localized tumor. A localized tumor can still be cured and there is a very meager incidence of casualty due to local sarcoma cancer, therefore a recently diagnosed person has a favorable sarcoma cancer prognosis. It's always the metastasis that is more dangerous and so is a distant recurrence. Sarcoma cancer recurrence can be of two types, such as:

  • Metastasis: A metastasis means the cancer cells have grown beyond its original site and have started or already affected the parts of the body. A distant recurrence might be curable but only if too little of the cancer cells have spread to other areas. It is then that it can be completely removed or destroyed. Another operation, targeted therapy or high energy radiation therapy could be used in the treatment process. Treatment of distant recurrence depends on few factors like,

    1. Location of the recurrence
    2. The treatment the person has earlier had
    3. Type of recurrence

    As it is the treatment, medication etc for sarcoma cancer varies from person to person; similarly treatment of sarcoma cancer recurrence too depends on individual conditions. Accordingly, treatment may vary from surgery to chemo therapy or radiation therapy etc. However, if things have aggravated this might not fully cure the patient

  • Local recurrence: Local sarcoma cancer recurrence is often curable. Even the first diagnosis is also possible to be cured of. But then a recurrence doesn't always mean that the treatment given in the first stage was not enough or it was wrong. But patients should take heart given the fact that local recurrence of sarcoma cancer has hardly ever made patients its victim. It can be said that people whose cancer is detected at an early stage and those who have a local recurrence have a better survival chance

After one undergoes diagnosis and treatment for sarcoma cancer, It is normally difficult to arrive at a conclusion regarding whether the patient has been cured or not. As a majority of recurrences happen within the first two years after the treatment. So, the patients should follow the schedule and visit the doctor post treatment for regular follow up tests to check for any possible recurrence. A sarcoma cancer patient is usually followed for at least 5 years and may be till another ten years post treatment. Those patients with a late recurrence have better chance of getting cured. In some cases if the tumor is more than 5 cm in size the patient might have to undergo an additional therapy or even chemotherapy in their initial treatment so as to reduce the possibility of a recurrence.

One should try and keep himself educated and understand the disease better. While nothing is in our control, it is wrong to think of the worst when it has yet not happened. It could be frightening for a person diagnosed with sarcoma cancer or any cancer for that matter as these are no small disease but then one should not lose hope. As it goes, it's not the life that you live that matters; it's how you live it that matters.

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