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Scientists are doing various trials and research to determine the cause of sarcoma cancer. Till now exact reason of this cancer remains a mystery. Sarcoma cancer develops in soft tissues like muscles, arms, legs etc. It pushes aside other normal tissues and keeps growing damaging the other tissues in the process. The person affected with this remains unconscious of it till the very time it shows some obvious signs such as, pain, swelling, weight loss etc.

The doctor may prescribe some tests to diagnose the cause of the lump or pain. However, if the cancer turns out to be a benign (in early stages) it can still be controlled but if it is found to be a malignant tumor this may even prove dangerous to life. A proper and accurate research would help arrive at the causes of sarcoma cancer. This would further result in better and advanced treatment and prevention strategies (about sarcoma cancer prevention and symptoms). But unless the research proves the potential treatment to be safe and be sure that it is better than the treatment currently available it can't be tried on the patients. There are various research and trials that are going on. They could be classified as under:

  • Radiation Therapy: Research is on to find out whether intra-operative radiation therapy meant to be applied during surgery is feasible or not. If successful this could be used to treat abdominal and retroperitoneal sarcoma cancers

  • Chemotherapy: Scientists are trying to establish new drugs and improved ways of applying chemotherapy. A new drug has already been developed and has been approved for use in the Europe. However, United States is yet to standardize it. It's still in the trials stage

  • Basic Research: Information on how alterations in the DNA of soft tissues cause sarcoma cancer assists the scientist in trying out new tests for early detection and proper classification of the sarcoma. This staging or classification of sarcoma then helps the physician to provide appropriate treatment to the patient. It is expected that the findings of this research would go a long way into changing the face of treatment for curing the sarcoma cancer

  • Anti-Angiogenesis drugs: Anti-Angiogenesis drugs help a sarcoma patient by stopping formation of new blood vessels, the course that the sarcoma normally takes in order to spread to distant body parts beyond the point of origin. Researchers have found that an Anti-Angiogenesis drug called bevacizumab while administered with doxorubicin has proved to be beneficial to sarcoma patients. At the same time few other drugs are currently under trial

  • Classification: A treatment depends on the proper classification of sarcoma cancer. The doctor suggests a few tests for the person showing signs and symptoms for sarcoma cancer. The samples like blood or urine of the patient are sent to the laboratory. This is investigated under a microscope, the outcome of which is expected to help decide the extent of the cancer and then it is classified accordingly. A sarcoma cancer could either be a benign or malignant one and consequently treatment also differs from person to person

  • Targeted Therapy: Research in targeted therapy would help scientists to come up with new drugs that can specifically block growth of cancer cells. As a result it would prevent the cancer cell from further spreading and causing damage to other areas of the body. Drugs like sunitinib are targeted to reduce the growth of sarcoma cancer. Again there are drugs such as, sirolimus used to treat PEComa patients and imatinib, helpful in treating patients suffering from gastrointestinal stromal tumor etc

The field of Medicine is an evolving science. Sarcoma cancer research would enable the scientists to discover and also invent latest ways of treatment and drugs etc. This would not only reduce the complications of identifying the cause of the sarcoma cancer or any other illness for that matter but also make people more hopeful and positive. There will be less chances of getting a side effect and more probability of getting it cured or at least keeping it well within control.

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