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Skin cancer is a type of tumor that occurs when the outer layers of the skin get exposed to ultraviolet radiations. Outer layer of the skin is an important part of skin as it is responsible for storing heat and water. This tumor generally occurs in body parts that get exposed to sunlight. These body parts include arms, face and neck. The main cause of this tumor is overexposure to ultraviolet radiations. However, some of the indirect causes of the skin cancer include excessive smoking, tobacco consumption, weakness in immune system and other environmental factors. Skin cancer breakthrough includes various researches done and new techniques implemented in the diagnosis and treatment sector of the disease.

Skin cancer is generally classified into following types:-

  • Malignant carcinoma
  • Basal cell carcinoma
  • Squamous cell carcinoma

Among all these types, malignant melanoma is considered as the most dangerous type of skin cancer as it tends to spread at a rapid rate and requires a lot of time to get treated.

Symptoms of this cancer include:-

  • Occurrence of moles in an asymmetrical manner. These moles are crust red or pale yellow in color.
  • Development of ulcers in the area of tumor. These ulcers are red in color and produce in the area.
  • Change in the color of the skin
  • Any other skeptical growth on the skin

The latest breakthrough in this tumor includes a drug called 'vemurafenib'. This breakthrough is considered as the biggest breakthrough as this drug kills the malignant cell at the area of location and reduces the size of the tumor. Deacarbazine is another drug introduced in the treatment sector of the tumor. The specialty of this drug is that it removes the tumor and the malignant cells leaving behind the other cells in a normal condition. A report on the survey conducted by USDA shows that the survival rate of this tumor increase by 2 percent after this drugs were introduced in the treatment sector.

Another skin cancer breakthrough includes a drug called STA-4783. This drug overloads the cancer cells with oxygen and they get elevated. Due to this, the cancer cells are unable to resist the oxygen. This results into death of the malignant cells. The specialty of this drug is that it leaves behind the normal cells unharmed. After this treatment, a procedure called apoptisis is suggested .This procedure ensures that the tumor does not re occur. This drug can also be used in combination with Taxol in the fourth stage of the tumor.

A tablet called Resveratrol helps to reduce the redness and swelling which is observed in the site of infection. This tablet eliminates the bacteria due to which the redness in ulcers is caused.

A latest breakthrough in protective measures includes a cream called Colorescience. This is a SPF 30 rated cream which protects your skin against all the harmful radiations. This cream is water resistant and so it can be applied before swimming. It also controls the sweat at the area and contains a formula called Full Spectrum.

Glaxosmihkline PLC has developed a drug which is injected in the area of the tumor. This drug freezes the malignant cells. Later these malignant cells can be removed with the help of surgery.

DLP therapy is used for eliminating the spots which are left behind after surgery. This therapy involves the use of LED lights. These lights travel throughout the infected area and kill the bacteria cells. They also activate the blood circulation in that area. This therapy also helps to give a proper tone to your skin improves the texture and appearance of the skin. This therapy was introduced in the year 2005 after gaining recognition from the PDA.

Topical immunotherapy is considered as the main breakthrough in the treatment sector of this disease. In this procedure, a Cream called Iquimoid is prescribed. This cream targets the immune system to destroy the tumor and widespread of malignant cells.

As this cancer is of rare type, there are no adequate numbers of skin cancer breakthroughs available. However, various organizations are working on finding new techniques which will help to diagnose the treatment accurately and so the treatment can be carried out at early stages.

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