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Skin cancer is a type of tumor that occurs when our body parts come in direct contact with ultraviolet radiations. This cancer is majorly seen in body parts such as face, hands and neck as they come in direct contact with sunlight. The best way to prevent skin cancer is to use sunscreen lotion and other protective gears which help to protect these parts against the harmful radiations. Skin cancer care includes various tips which are important to prevent the occurrence of this tumor. An unhealthy diet can also be the reason behind this tumor. Due to the unhealthy diet, the cells in the body are not able to meet the nutritional levels which further results into occurrence of this tumor. Skin cancer is generally classified into three types:-

  • Basal cell carcinoma
  • Squamous cell carcinoma
  • Malignant cell carcinoma

Out of all these types, malignant cell carcinoma is considered as the most serious type of carcinoma as it tends to spread at a rapid rate and destroys the lymph nodes at an early stage. Cancer care varies according to the texture of the skin. If the skin is fair, more care should be taken as it can result into inflammation when exposed to sunlight. Sometimes, due to over exposure to sunrays, a substance called melanin starts getting affected which results into darker tone of the skin. At early stages, there may be other reactions like itching and swelling of the skin which results into patches which are large in size. Hence, it is extremely important to use protective gear to avoid exposure to such radiations.

Before understanding skin cancer care, it is extremely important to have a brief idea about the early signs of this tumor.

Early signs of this tumor are as follows:-

  • Occurrence of moles in the outer layers of the skin. These moles are dark red or pale yellow in color.
  • Occurrence of ulcers in the skin. These ulcers are crust red in color and produce inflammation.
  • Continuous bleeding from the location of the tumor
  • Change in the color of the skin
  • Increased frequency in the number of pimples, moles and acne.

Important steps for proper skin care are listed below:-

  • Use of sunscreen :-

    It is very important to apply sunscreen on body parts that get exposed to sunrays. This lotion contains a substance called SPF which protects the skin from direct exposure to sunrays. This sun protecting factor is measured in certain numbers such as 8, 15 and 30. A good sunscreen lotion which contains a minimum amount of SPF 15 is highly recommended for protecting the skin against ultraviolet radiations.

  • Protective wear :-

    Use of long sleeve shirts and long pants is recommended for people who have a fair skin complexion. The color of the clothes should not be black as this color tends to attract the sunrays. Along with these clothes, a hat with long brim is recommended as it helps to protect the scalp and face from these radiations.

  • Avoiding direct exposure to sun rays:-

    People who have sensitive skin are advised to take proper care of their skin. For this, they are advised not to go out in intense sunlight. So fix your schedule in such a way that all the outdoor activities are performed before the sunrays turn intense.

  • Use of sunglasses:- Always wear sunglasses while roaming out in the sun. Sunglasses protect your eyes from all the harmful radiations and thus protect them from serious damage. While choosing an eyewear, make sure that it is UV protective. This protects your eyes from all the harmful radiations

Skin cancer can also occur due to unhealthy diet as the body cells are not able to meet their daily needs. Deficiency of vitamin A and vitamin D causes weakness in the skin due to which the skin gets prone to wide range of infections. This tumor is also seen in people who have a weakened immune system. Due to this, the body is not able to resist the attack of viruses and bacteria and causes weakness in the body. It can also result into several skin infections. So the best skin cancer measures include taking care of the skin, having a healthy diet and protecting the skin against harmful ultraviolet radiations.

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