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Skin cancer is a tumor growth that originates in the skin's exterior layer. This cancer generally occurs in the outer layers of the skin. The best way to prevent this cancer is to take proper care of your skin and to protect it against such radiations. Skin cancer is of three types amongst which malignant skin cancer is considered as the most dangerous form of skin cancer. Early treatment of this cancer ensures the successful removal of the tumor from the body. Skin cancer cure includes all the treatment techniques which are used for removing the tumor successfully from the body. Treatment of this cancer varies according to the nature and characteristics of the tumor.

Before learning the ways of treating this tumor it is extremely important to understand the symptoms and diagnosis of the disease. If these symptoms are diagnosed at early stages, the treatment becomes much easier and side effect free. Skin cancer Symptoms include:-

  • Lumps in the area of locations. These lumps are red or pale yellow in colour.
  • Development of Moles in the area of location. These moles are generally asymmetrical.
  • Bleeding in the outer layers of the skin. This bleeding is generally due to unknown reasons
  • Wounds that exist from a prolonged time and do not show any signs of healing
  • Development of red ulcers in the area of the tumor. These ulcers may be pale yellow in colour

These symptoms are very easy to recognize and so it is extremely important to contact your physician as soon as they are observed. Diagnosis of skin cancer is generally done with the help of biopsy where a piece of tumor is removed and is examined under a microscope. Metascopy can also be conducted where different pictures of the tumor are developed and a one on one session with the patient is carried where he is asked questions about his diet and lifestyle. Other common tests include blood tests, X-rays, MRI scan and CT scan. Diagnosing techniques of this tumor are known to be accurate and so treatment should be started as soon as the tumor gets diagnosed.

Skin cancer cure:-

Skin cancer cure includes various techniques which aim at destroying the tumor and removing the cancer cells successfully from the body. The techniques conducted for destroying this tumor include:-

  • Surgery :-

    In this curing technique, a local anesthesia is given to the patient. Then the outer layer of the location is removed completely and with the help of a special needle the tumor is removed. Then the malignant cells are removed in the surrounding areas are removed completely and the skin is replaced with flaps. Flaps are the healthy layers of skin of other person belonging to the same blood group. Later some medications are prescribed which prevent the recurrence of the tumor. However, there are 5 percent chances of recurrence even after this procedure is performed.

  • Topical Chemotherapy :-

    Topical chemotherapy is a curing technique which involves the use of cream for removing the tumor. In this technique, a cream is prescribed which contains a drug called FU. When this cream is applied on the location, the drug destroys the tumor cells and provides relief to the location. There are various medications that are prescribed with this cream which protects the skin from side effects caused by this drug.

  • Photodynamic therapy:-

    This treatment is also known as PDT. In this treatment, a combination of light sensitive drugs and light sources is used. They destroy the tumor completely and prevent skin cancer from recurring.

  • Radiotherapy:-

    In this therapy, highly transmissible radioactive waves are used to destroy the tumor. These waves travel throughout the location and destroy the tumor and the spread of malignant cells throughout the location. This treatment is generally used for killing the tumor cells in the area of the face.

  • Cryotherapy :-

    This technique involves injecting a drug in the area of the tumor. These drugs freezes the tumor instantly and then the tumor and the malignant cells are completely removed with the help of a special device.

  • Topical immunotherapy:-

    This technique aims at targeting the immune system for curing the tumor successfully. In this technique, a cream called 'Imiquimod' is prescribed. This cream when applied at the locations kills the malignant cells and the tumor completely and provides relief from the pain.

    In skin cancer cure, the techniques that are used are very easy and have minor side effects on the body. The patient can overcome these side effects easily after the treatment is performed. However, researchers are working on treatment options that are 100 percent side effect free and provide permanent relief from this tumor.

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