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Skin cancer is a type of malignant growth originating in the outer or exterior layers of skin. It is majorly seen in body parts that get exposed to sunlight such as arms, neck and legs. Skin cancer detection done at early stages helps to cure the tumor in the short span of time. Skin cancer detection generally varies according to the stages and severity of the tumor. Before studying detection, it is very important to understand the symptoms of this cancer.

Symptoms of this skin cancer are as follows:-

  • Occurrence of moles in the area of the tumor. These moles are pale yellow or red in color.
  • Occurrence of ulcers in the area of tumor. These ulcers are large in size and tend to cause inflammation.
  • Change in the color of the skin. This happens when malignant cells attack the melanin. Melanin is a pigment present in the skin which is responsible for the color of the skin
  • Enlargement in the size of ulcers and moles.
  • Wounds that exist from a long period of time and not showing any signs of healing.
  • Continuous bleeding from the location of the tumor

Sign and symptoms of skin cancer are easy to diagnose. So it is extremely important to detect the tumor at early stages. This cancer can easily be prevented if proper care of the skin is taken.

Skin cancer detection:-

Skin cancer is done with the help of several techniques. These techniques include a physical examination, which is followed by :-

  • Chest X-rays,
  • Biopsy,
  • Blood tests and
  • Metascopy.

Explanation of skin cancer detection:-

  • Physical Examination :- In this examination, several tests are conduct to examine the physical performance of the patient. For this purpose, he is made to run on a treadmill and the heart beat rate is examined. This process is followed by several other examinations. This test gives the doctor an idea on what kind of treatment will be suitable for the patient.

  • Biopsy :-

    In this test, the location of tumor is examined as and a small piece of tumor is cut. Later, this tumor is examined under a microscope and various exams are performed on it. It gives us an idea about the type of tumor and on the basis of this procedure, appropriate treatment is selected.

  • Blood tests :-

    Blood tests are also conducted for diagnosing this tumor. Blood tests give you an idea about how far the tumor has spread throughout the body. It also helps the doctor to measure to what extent the tumor has damaged the body.

  • Chest X-rays :-

    Chest x-rays help to detect the functioning of the body and if the tumor has damaged any other organ of the body. This is the first step done for skin cancer detection. Chest x-rays also gives an idea of the functioning of heart and accordingly the treatment option can be decided for the cure.

  • Metascopy :-

    In this procedure, a special device called metascope is inserted into the body. This object emits certain rays. With the help of these rays certain pictures of the tumor are developed. Later, these pictures are examined with the help of certain procedure. These pictures help to determine the location of the tumor, its type and widespread throughout the body. After this procedure, treatment for the tumor is selected.

Skin cancer detection had been a major problem in 1980s due to which more than 50,000 deaths occurred. However, new techniques for detection were introduced in the 90s and the death rate was controlled. As this cancer is of minor type, there are rare chances of death of patient due to this tumor. However, diagnosing and treating this tumor at early stages helps to avoid further complications caused by this tumor.

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