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Skin cancer is a type of tumor that occurs in the outer layer of the skin. This tumor generally occurs on the body parts that are exposed to sunlight which includes the arms, neck, hands and face. The main cause of this cancer is over exposure to ultraviolet radiations. These radiations include substances that are harmful for our body. Other causes of this tumor include viral infections, smoking, weak immune system, overexposure to UV radiation and other environmental factors. There are various tests available for skin cancer diagnosis which help to detect the tumor accurately.

It is very important to take care of your skin to prevent the occurrence of this tumor. Skin cancer symptoms is very difficult to understand as they are often confused with minor skin infections.

Symptoms of skin cancer:-

  • Skin infections taking a long time to heal
  • Occurrence of moles in an asymmetrical manner
  • Bumps on the neck, arms and shoulder
  • Change in color of the skin
  • Red or pale colour observed in the moles

Skin cancer diagnosis:-

Skin cancer diagnosis is done by conducting different blood tests, X-rays, scans and other routine tests. These tests are considered as basic steps to evaluate the overall condition of the tumor. Techniques used to determine actual skin cancer diagnosis include:-

  • Physical examination
  • Biopsy
  • Blood tests
  • Chest X-rays

Explanation of skin cancer diagnosis:-

  • Physical examination :-

    In this examination, several minor tests are conducted by the doctor. These tests help the doctor to understand the medical condition of the patient and also give him an idea of the tumor. In this test, some procedures are conducted by which a thorough analysis is done of your skin. After analyzing the reports a one on one session is conducted with the patient. In this session, certain questions are asked. These questions include:-

    • Has any of your family members suffered from this disease?
    • Does your body get exposed to harmful ultraviolet radiations? If yes, how much time do you spend in sunlight?
    • What are the food items that you consume on a daily basis? Sometimes, a questionnaire with all these and many other questions is given. If any doubt arises deeper analysis is done.

  • Biopsy :-

    In this test, a small part of the tumor is removed with the help of special equipment. Later this part is analysed under a microscope and several tests are done to examine the tumor. This helps the doctor to discover the nature, type and characteristics of the tumor and also helps to understand causes of skin cancer. This test is highly recommend and mostly used to diagnose the tumor as it helps to give an accurate analysis of the tumor.

  • Blood Tests :-

    There are several blood tests which help to determine the type of tumor. These blood tests are actually done to analyze the widespread of tumor cells throughout the body. These blood tests are sometimes combined with biopsy to analyze the size and type of tumor and its spread throughout the body.

  • Chest X-rays :-

    Chest x-rays are done to understand the extent of spread of the tumor throughout the body and whether the tumor has affected the functioning of any body part. Sometimes, this procedure is done before the actual diagnosis of the tumor.

Sometimes, skin cancer diagnosis is done by using special equipment called matoscope. This equipment is connected to a digital monitoring machine. Later, the diagnosis procedure is performed and different pictures of the tumor and developed. Later, these pictures are examined by performing routine tests and the type of tumor and its spread throughout the body is discovered. This equipment also helps the doctor to examine the pigmentation under the skin. Metoscope is well known for its accurate diagnosis and is widely used to detect this cancer.

Skin cancer diagnosis has not been a problem as there are various techniques which help to give an accurate diagnosis of the tumor. Diagnosis of the tumor can be done at any stage as there are rare cases of death due to this tumor. However, early detection and treatment of the cancer is recommended as it helps to avoid further complications caused by this tumor.

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