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Skin cancer is basically a form of malignant development occurring in the tissues lining the outer layers of the skin. This tumor is mainly observed in body parts that get directly exposed to ultraviolet radiations of the sun such as arms, face and skin. Skin cancer is mainly observed in people who have a white skin tone and can occur in other body parts as well. Skin cancer is considered as one of the rarest occurring cancers and it can be diagnosed and cured easily. There are very less chances of recurrence of the tumor if it is diagnosed and treated at early stages. The survival rate of this cancer is high as compared to other tumors as the treatment techniques ensure the successful removal of the tumor. Skin cancer prevention includes various techniques for protecting the skin from harmful UV radiations. While learning about prevention, it is very important to understand the symptoms of disease.

This tumor is classified into three types:

  • Basal cell carcinoma
  • Squamous cell carcinoma and
  • Malignant carcinoma

Among all these types, malignant carcinoma is considered as the most serious type of this tumor.

Some of the symptoms of this tumor are as follows:

  • Ulcers observed in the outer layers of the skin which are red in color and cause inflammation
  • Moles at the location of the tumor which are dark red or pale yellow in color. These moles are asymmetrical in nature
  • Continuous bleeding from the location of the tumor
  • Change in the color of the skin
  • Enlargement in the size of the existing moles

The easiest way for skin cancer prevention is to avoid exposure to ultraviolet radiations. These radiations affect the skin and result into the occurrence of this tumor. There are various skin creams available in the market which includes substances that prevent the direct exposure to these radiations. A good skin cream which has an appropriate ratio of SPF is recommended. This skin cream should be dermatologist recommended and should contain a minimum amount of SPF 15.

Skin cancer also occurs due to lack of nutrients in the body. If your diet is not healthy your skin has various deficiencies like Vitamin D and Vitamin A. Due to this, the skin becomes weak and gets easily affected by harmful ultraviolet radiations. Hence, to avoid this tumor it is extremely important to follow certain sun safety measures.

Here are some important measures for preventing yourself against this tumor:

  • Apply a proper sun protective cream which is dermatologist recommended 30 minutes befor going out in the sunlight
  • Use proper sun protective garments such as hats, long sleeved shirts and pants to avoid direct exposure to these rays
  • Perform a skin test from a dermatologist once in every year
  • Apply skin care lotions on skin of children as these rays can have enormous effects on their skin

Explanation of skin cancer protective gears:-

  • Sunscreen: Sunscreen is a lotion which has certain elements in it which protects the skin from ultraviolet radiations. There is a special ingredient present in the skin called SPF (Sun Protecting Factor). This cream is categorized into various numbers such as 8, 15 and 30. Amongst these, use of a cream which contains a minimum SPF of 15 is recommended.

  • Clothes: There are various clothes available which protect the skin from exposure of these radiations. While selecting such clothes, the color black should be avoided as the color black tries to penetrate as much amount of heat as possible. These clothes are available in various garment shops.

  • Sunglasses: While roaming out in the sun, use of sunglasses is highly recommended as they protect your eyes from these radiations.

  • Hats: Use of a hat is also recommended as it protects your scalp from getting directly exposed to these radiations. Use of a cap with a wide brim is recommended as it protects various body parts such as neck, ears and face from these radiations.

Skin cancer prevention includes all the protective measures which help you to protect your body against the harmful effects of the sun. Protecting your skin from these radiations reduces your chances of developing this tumor. As this cancer is of a rare type, there is a need to spread awareness about skin cancer tumor to make people aware of its preventive measures.

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