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Skin cancer is a tumor that occurs due to overexposure to ultraviolet radiations. The simplest way to prevent this tumor is to avoid this exposure and to apply dermatologist recommended sunscreen which blocks the direct contact of these radiations with your skin. The use of skin cream which has minimum of SPF 15 is recommended. Skin cancer research informs us about different research conducted and breakthroughs made in the diagnosing techniques and treatment of the disease.Various researches show that there are some natural remedies which can help to avoid the occurrence of this tumor. Turmeric is considered as the best natural remedy for skin cancer as it can be used during both, prevention and treatment of the disease.

Skin cancer research conducted by several institutions also concludes that diets and lifestyle play a big role in the prevention and occurrence of this disease. If the diet is healthy then the skin gets all the required nutrients. While if the diet is of unhealthy nature, various deficiencies can be observed due to which the skin becomes weak and gets prone to this tumor. Research has also concluded that if the immune system of the body is healthy the cells in the body are capable to fight against the ultraviolent radiations and so the occurrence of this tumor can be prevented. To have a good immune system it is extremely important to live a healthy lifestyle.

It is also advised by the skin experts, especially in case of babies, to limit the time that is spent in direct sunlight as it can result into occurrence of sunburns. Curcunim is an herb recommended by the U.S scientists as it has suppressing powers that prevent the occurrence of this tumor. Use of this herb on a regular basis is highly recommended.

There are nutritional supplements available in the market which is prescribed in the older aged patients to prevent the occurrence of this disease. As this people are older in age their immune system is weak and so the tumor cells can easily occur.

A skin cancer research conducted by the American Cancer Research Institute concludes that in the 80s the rate of deaths in men due to occurrence of this tumor was 1.6 in every 400 men. In case of women, the rate was 14.9 every 100,000 women. These findings conclude that there was no awareness of skin cancer among men and women and so the death rate was so high.

A skin cancer research done by Aviv Research University shows that, consumption of an antioxidant called Carotenoids which is extracted from vegetables such as tomatoes, carrots and orange can prevent the occurrence of this tumor.

A tablet called Omega -3 is highly recommended. It contains docosahexaenoic acid and eicosapentaenoic acid which helps to prevent the occurrence of melanoma, known as the most dangerous type of skin cancer.

A skin cancer study conducted by Rockstock University shows that increasing the number of fruits and vegetables in your diet can help to reduce the occurrence of melanoma and other types of skin cancer as they provide the body with sufficient amounts of fluids which are required to keep your skin healthy.

While taking medicines for this tumor, it is often advised to increase the quantity of ginger in your medicine as it contains gingerol which works best for the nausea, dizziness, tinnitus and motion sickness cause by these medicines. The latest research on skin cancer includes an introduction of nutritional cocktail for the patients who avoid undergoing chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery. This cocktail contains antioxidants which can fight and eliminate the tumor cells successfully from our body.

Skin cancer research also proves that the chances of occurrence of tumor are higher among men as they completely ignore taking care of their skin. So there are various awareness programs which are specially designed for men in which they are taught on how to take care of their skin. The more early this tumor is diagnosed, more the treating options which can help the patient recover at a faster rate with zero side effects on their skin.

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