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Skin cancer is a kind of cancerous growth originating in the skin and targets mainly the tissues lining its outer layers. The best way to prevent this cancer is to use techniques which prevent the exposure to these radiations. If the early signs of this tumor are detected at early stages the tumor and the malignant cells can be removed successfully from the body. Skin cancer support includes various support groups and organization which work towards spreading awareness regarding the symptoms, causes, diagnosis and treatment of the disease. These support groups also conduct researches which make breakthrough in the diagnosis and treatment sector of the tumor.

There are various skin cancer support groups available on the internet on which the patients can log on and get information. They also provide the patient with emotional support which is a must in this tumor. The main aim of these support groups is to help the patients to come out of depression and to help them to recover from the stress that is caused during the diagnosis and treatment of the disease. Skin cancer support is classified into various types:-

  • Physical Support
  • Home Support
  • Mental Support

Explanation of skin cancer support:-

  • Physical Support:-

    While the treatment of this tumor is being carried out the patient is advised to take proper rest. For this reason, the family members of the patient are advised to stay with him and provide him with all necessary help like bandaging on the location where surgery was conducted, making him take his medicines on time and helping him to perform his other daily activities.

  • Home Support :-

    Home support includes helping the patient in various activities like cleaning the clothes, maintaining cleanliness of the house and helping him to maintain his personal hygiene. As these patients are advised to take rest they are unable to perform all these activities.

  • Mental support :-

    Mental support is extremely important for the patient as there are times when the patient gets depressed. At such times, the family members should encourage him and provide him with moral support which helps him to change his attitude towards the tumor.

There are various support groups online which specially work for children and patients in their older age. These support groups are run by specialized doctors who give certain tips on the medication and how to take care of your health while dealing with this tumor. They also help in assisting the family members on how to take care of the patient and how to maintain a healthy atmosphere around him.

There are several institutions which conduct various lectures for the family members on how to help the patient in recovering the emotional stress caused by this disease. They are also provided with certain guidelines on how to take care of the patient.

Several programs are conducted by certain organizations which work towards providing support to cancer patients. These programs include one on one session where a specialized panel of doctors is invited and the patients are given a chance to ask all the queries which they are facing while going through this tumor. This panel clears up all the doubts of the patient and provides him with all the necessary tips.

There are various call centers which provide the patients with essential care and other information related to this tumor. These call centers work for 24 hours and are easily accessible. They also provide with other facilities like 24 hours ambulance service for the patients.

There are several NGOs and other institutions where researches are conducted and various skin cancer breakthroughs are done in the diagnosis and treatment of the disease. The recent breakthrough includes introduction of a cream called 'Imiquimod'. This creams aims at treating the tumor by targeting the immune system. This cream when applied on locations kills the tumor and the spread of the malignant cells.

Skin cancer support institutes aim at providing support to the patients regarding the tumor by conducting various lectures and other programs. There are some institutes which also provide the patients with financial assistance and insurance facilities as the cost required to treat this tumor is very high. Besides this, there are volunteers and institutes who help in spreading the awareness of skin cancer which is also a part of skin cancer support.

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