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Skin cancer mainly refers to the cancerous growth developing in the tissues present in the exterior layers of the skin. Main reason behind the occurrence of this tumor is over exposure to ultra violet radiations. Skin cancer surgery is a treatment technique in which the location of the tumor is removed completely and the widespread of malignant cells is stopped. This cancer is mainly seen in body parts which get exposed to sunlight. These body parts include arms, neck and face. This tumor is majorly observed in men in the age group of 40 to 55 years. Skin cancer research conducted by American Cancer Institute shows that more than 22,000 people are diagnosed with this cancer every year.

As this tumor is of rare type, there is a need to spread awareness regarding skin cancer. Skin cancer has been an interesting field of research for scientists worldwide and various breakthroughs are being made in the diagnosed and treatment sector of the disease. Before understanding skin cancer surgery it is important to have a brief idea about the symptoms and diagnosis of the disease.

Symptoms of skin cancer are as follows:

  • Moles that are asymmetrical in manner and generally appear red or pale yellow in color.
  • Development of ulcers at the location of the tumor. These ulcers are crust red in color and tend to produce inflammation in the area.
  • Continuous bleeding at the location of tumor.
  • Change in the color of the skin due to absence of melanin.
  • Frequent breakouts of pimples and acne at the location of tumor.

Diagnosis of Skin Cancer:

While diagnosing this tumor various blood tests, CT scans, MRI scan are conducted. The patient's medical history is examined and one on one session is conducted where the patient is asked questions regarding his daily lifestyle and his diet. If any doubtful sign is observed the doctor tries to reach to the depth of the issue. Special tests conducted for detection of Chest X-rays, metascopy and biopsy.

Skin cancer surgery:-

Surgery is considered as the best form of treatment for this tumor. The specialty of this surgery is that it leaves the normal cells unharmed. Surgery also reduces the chances of recurrence of the tumor. However there are 15 percent chances of recurrence of the tumor even after the surgery is performed. This procedure is mainly used to treat basal cell carcinoma and Squamous cell carcinoma. Before conducting this surgery, a microscopic procedure of tumor is done where nature of the tumor and its widespread throughout the body is examined.

Procedure of surgery:-

  • Before conducting this procedure a local anesthesia is given to the patient.
  • After this, a special needle is inserted at the location and the outer layer of the tumor is cut.
  • Later all the tumor cells are completely removed from the location
  • This location is then covered with flaps. Flaps are layers of healthy skin which are donated by a person of the same blood group.
  • If the tumor has spread to the lymph nodes, the infected lymph nodes are removed successfully from the body.
  • Medications are prescribed which prevent the tumor from recurring.
  • There is also a cream which is prescribed after this surgery. This cream when applied at the location provides relief by reducing the inflammation.

Skin cancer surgery is considered as the best form of treatment for this cancer as it is side effect free and it assures a complete removal of the tumor from the body. The cure rate is between 95 to 98 percent. The amount of skin which is removed during this procedure is minimal and if the tumor doesn't get removed completely this procedure can be repeated. If this treatment fails, there are also other treatment like chemotherapy and radiotherapy which help to get rid of this tumor successfully. Skin cancer surgery is considered as the most expensive form of treatment as compared to other treatments. However, this procedure cannot be performed if the tumor occurs in the area of the face. Facial skin tumors are often cured by radiotherapy. Sometimes, before performing skin cancer surgery, the location of the tumor is frozen by injecting liquid nitrogen and then the procedure is performed.

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