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Skin cancer also known as skin neoplasm is a type of tumor that occurs when malignant cells attack the outer portion of the skin. Outer skin is the most important layer of our skin as important components like vitamin D, fat and water are stored in this layer.. This layer is also responsible for protecting our skin from heat, sunlight, attacking viruses and other infection. This tumor has become a serious problem for the European countries. More than 10,000 cases of this tumor are diagnosed in the United States every year. There are possibilities of detecting this tumor at early stages and if it gets detected it can be eradicated from the body permanently. There are rare possibilities of death due to this cancer. However, it has been reported that more than 1700 deaths have occurred due to this cancer in 2007. Skin cancer symptoms when detected at early stages prevent the growth of the tumor and it can be completely removed from the body.

This tumor is classified into three types:

  • Basal cell carcinoma
  • Malignant melanoma
  • Squamous cell carcinoma
This cancer is generally caused due to over exposure to ultraviolet radiations and is generally seen in body parts that are exposed to such radiations such as hands, arms, neck and face. Other indirect causes of skin cancer include:-
  • Smoking Cigarettes
  • Tobacco consumption
  • Genetic factors
  • HPV infections
  • Wounds that have not healed since a long period of time

Skin cancer symptoms are as follows:

  • Infections taking time to heal
  • Change in the color of normal skin
  • Change in the color, size and shape of a mole
  • A smooth bump on your skin of head, shoulder or neck
  • Any other sceptical growth on the skin

Treatment of this cancer includes various techniques that help to remove the lesion, Moh's micrographic surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy.

Explanation of Skin cancer symptoms:

  • Infections taking time to heal:

    Infections that take time to heal can be a symptom of this tumor. When the malignant cells occur near the place of infection they affect the cells that are responsible for healing the wound. Due to this, the infection starts taking time to heal. Sometimes, a pale yellow coloured fluid gets stored in the infection area. So if the wound is not getting healed in proper time, it should be shown to a specialist as there are possibilities of occurrence of this tumor.

  • Change in the colour of normal skin:

    When this tumor attacks the normal skin, the malignant cells attack the melanin present in the skin. Melanin is a substance which is responsible for the normal colour of your skin. Due to this change in the colour of the skin is observed. This tends to happen only at the location of the tumor. So change in the pigmentation of skin may be an early sign of this tumor.

  • Change in colour, size and shape of mole:

    A dark portion on the skin in a circular shape is known as a mole. The occurrence of this tumor can result into development of moles. These moles are generally dark brown in colour. They tend to occur in a same shape and in a symmetrical manner. The mole that occurs due to this tumor appears in an asymmetrical manner and if the colour is red white or grey, it is generally considered as a major sign of this cancer.

  • A smooth bump on your skin of head, shoulder or neck:

    Normal skin projections seen on body parts which are exposed to sunlight such as neck, chest and shoulder are normal. However, if the frequency of this skin projection is high, it is considered as a sign of this cancer. Generally, the skin projections that occur due to this tumor are red or pale yellow in colour. So if such projections are observed, consultation of skin specialist is recommended.

  • Any other sceptical growth on the skin:

    Over exposure to ultraviolet radiations is considered as a risk factor of this symptom. Due to this over exposure wrinkles, acne and pimples are observed in the areas that are exposed to these rays. If the frequency of these constituents is more it is considered as a sign of this cancer.

Skin cancer symptoms are clearly visible and are easy to recognize. So the treatment for this tumor can be started at early stages and it can be eliminated successfully from the body. However, there are rare cases of deaths due to this tumor and so it can be treated at advanced stages. If any of the above symptoms are observed, consultation of specialist is highly recommended

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