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Skin cancer is a type of tumor that occurs when the outer layers of the skin come in direct contact with the ultraviolet radiations of the sun. Outermost layer of the skin is considered as the most important part of the skin as it is responsible for storing water, heat and fats. This tumor is of rare type and tends to develop at a rapid rate. Skin cancer also occurs due to deficiency of vitamin A and E. This deficiency occurs due to consumption of unhealthy food stuffs. The best way to prevent occurrence of this tumor is to protect the skin against harmful radiation of the sun. For this purpose, use of protective gears like sunglasses, shirts with full sleeves and hats is recommended. The most important preventive measure is to apply sunscreen lotion on body parts that come directly in contact with the rays of sun. Skin cancer therapy includes all the therapies which help to treat the tumor and remove it successfully form the body. Before learning about skin cancer, it is important to have a brief idea about the symptoms and diagnosis of the disease.

Symptoms of this cancer are as follows:-

  • Occurrence of moles in the area of the tumor. These moles are dark red or pale yellow in color and often cause inflammation.
  • Change in the color of the skin
  • Skeptical growths on the skin
  • Infections which exist from a long period of time and taking time to heal
  • Occurrence of bumps in the body parts such as arms, shoulder and neck

Skin cancer diagnosis:-

The procedure of diagnosis of skin cancer is very normal as it can be detected easily. Diagnosing techniques for this tumor include chest X-rays, blood tests and biopsy. Biopsy is a must for diagnosing this tumor. In this technique, a piece of tumor is removed from the location and is examined under a microscope.

Skin cancer therapies used to treat this tumor successfully are as follows:-

  • Topical Chemotherapy
  • Cryotherapy
  • Topical immunotherapy
  • Radiotherapy
  • Photodynamic therapy

Explanation of skin cancer therapies:-

  • Topical Chemotherapy :-

    This therapy is a widely recommended treatment on skin cancer. In this therapy a cream is prescribed as a part of treatment of the tumor. This cream when applied destroys the tumor and the malignant cells successfully from the body part. Prolonged usage of this cream should be avoided as it has certain side effects on the skin.

  • Cryotherapy :-

    This therapy is used to cure the skin cancer in advanced stages. In this therapy, a special fluid is injected near the location of the tumor. This fluid when injected freezes the tumor and the malignant cells on the spot. This prevents the further spread of the tumor and these cells are later removed with the help of surgery. In this therapy, there are 15 percent chances of recurrence as the tumor cells cannot be completely removed from the body. Hence performing this therapy is avoided nowadays.

  • Radiotherapy :-

    This involves the use of radioactive waves for removing the tumor. In this therapy, highly transmitted radioactive waves are passed through the location of the tumor. These radioactive waves kill the tumor and the malignant cells instantly. This treatment does not have any side effects and is generally used to kill the tumor cells in the area of the face.

  • Topical immunotherapy :-

    In this therapy, the immune system is targeted to treat the tumor. A special cream called Iquimod is prescribed. This cream destroys the tumor and malignant cells completely with the help of the immune system.

  • Photodynamic therapy:-

    In this therapy, photodynamic rays are passed throughout the body and pictures of the tumor are developed. These pictures are later examined and the type of treatment is decided. This therapy is generally performed for diagnosis of the tumor.

Skin cancer therapy techniques help to kill the tumor and remove them successfully from the body. It is very important to cure this tumor at early stages to avoid its further complications. This cancer is of rare type and is majorly seen in men than women. Hence, there is a need to spread awareness regarding the diagnosing and treatment techniques of the disease.

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