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Testicular cancer awareness can be very useful in improving the survival rate and life expectancy of the disease and minimizing the numbers of cases worldwide. The disease is more common in white people or those belonging to the Caucasian race and is less common in black people. Also, the disease occurs in very less numbers in the Asian and African continents as compared to those in European and North American regions.

Concept and Importance of Testicular Cancer Awareness

Testicular cancer is a cancerous growth generating in the testicles. Hence, only males are prone to the disease. Awareness about testicular cancer is a process of educating people about the nature and pattern of the disease. It also helps to make people aware of the latest developments in the field of testicular cancer.

Various research and educational institutes are involved in research on testicular cancer on a continuous basis. They explore certain breakthroughs and test its reliability under various conditions and circumstances. This helps in eliminating the redundant methods and replacing them by the latest ones. Lifestyle and habits of people change with times and also depend upon the environmental or weather conditions. Also, the dietary pattern may change from person to person and region to region.

All such factors need to be considered seriously and thoroughly before recommending a certain form of treatment for the patient suffering from the disease. Also, the early signs and causes of the disease cannot be assumed to be universal and may depend upon one's personal medical history. All such factors create confusions among the victims and the detection of tumors becomes difficult as the victims prefer to stay away from proper medical examination.

Testicular cancer awareness deals with all such variants in a systematic manner and provides the people with only the relevant information related to the disorder. Testicular cancer therapies can be of various types but one needs to be very careful while choosing one suitable to his body abilities. Hence, awareness also plays an important role in recommending the right form of therapy for the patient thus, minimizing his sufferings.

Important facets of Testicular Cancer Awareness

Testicular cancer is more common in the age-band of 20-40 years. The disease can be primary or secondary and depends on the origin of tumors. Tumor cells originate primarily in the testicles or scrotum during the initial stages of testicular cancer. These malignant cells may spread to other areas adjacent to the testicular region and develop tumors in the areas they infect. Such process is also known as metastasis and usually occurs if the malignant polyps remain undetected for too long.

Testicular cancer has a high survival rate of around 100% if the tumors are traced in the early phases. The survival rate decreases with an increase in stage and is around 90-95% in the middle stages. It is more than 70% for the last stage where the tumors reach and infect the lymph nodes. The cancer may also spread to vital areas like the penis, prostate (awareness about prostate cancer), kidney, liver or even the lungs. Survival rate may decrease considerably if the tumor infects lungs as the person may develop severe complication in breathing.

Some of the important causes of testicular cancer include personal and family background of testicular or any other forms of cancer. Proper medication can help to eliminate the tumors completely and avoid its recurrence so that they do not transfer to next generation. The disease is hereditary in nature and might also develop due to genetic factors or imbalance of chromosomes.

Abnormal size or shape of testicles, and abnormalities in the penis or kidneys might increase the risk of being infected by cancer cells in the testicles. Undescended testicle is another major cause of the disease and might make a person prone to tumor development in the testicles to a great extent. Skin irritations, infections and unattended injuries in the scrotum or adjacent areas may pose a serious threat. Some males might have hernia in the groin by birth and are quite vulnerable to cancerous attack in the testicle.

Swelling in the areas near testicles, change in shape of one or both the testicles, improper or insufficient generation of sperms and difficulties in sexual activities are some of the prime symptoms of the cancerous development in the testicles. Some may also experience redness or infections in the scrotum, formation of fluid in the scrotum, breast enlargement due to imbalance in the levels of estrogen or inefficient functioning of testicles.

Testicular cancer awareness can be very helpful in treating the tumors in time and avoiding their recurrence. Surgery, radiation therapy and chemical exposure are the common forms of therapies available to cure tumors developing in the testicles. Proper treatment under thorough medical supervision can be advantageous to treat the malignant cells effectively and help the patient to recover faster. Ultrasound, blood tests and biopsy are common detection methods used to trace tumors and examine their nature. Regular medical checkup along with strong immune system can be a good preventive measure for testicular cancer.

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