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Testicular cancer support plays a significant part in getting rid of tumors that develop in the testicles and also help in fast recovery of the patient. Support stresses more on mental stability of the patient and enables him to come out of the trauma caused due to cancer occurrence and treatment.

Testicular cancer support meaning

Cancer is one of the deadliest diseases in the world and accounts for a sizeable number of deaths due to formation of cancerous tumors. Though the disease has a high survival rate, occurrence of the disease itself makes the victim panicky about his future chances of survival. This leads to deterioration of health and helps the cancerous cells to grow more rapidly and metastasize to even the remote areas. Such malignant growth ultimately results into decrease in the survival rate of the patient and lowers the chances of complete elimination of tumors from the testicular or other areas affected during the process. Support for testicular cancer is a way of guiding the patients about the possible causes and future course of the disease and makes them aware of the newest accomplishments in the field of the disease. It also helps people to understand the disease properly and educates them to handle the malignant growth in an effective manner. Support can be of medical or non-medical type.

Medical kind of support is a way to assist the victims in proper and apt medication for the disease and also help them financially to get the latest and the best treatment. Many research organizations are also involved in charity activities wherein they assist the patients in overcoming the financial constraints for treatment of testicular disease. Support groups may guide the patients in detection, treatment and post-treatment period of the disease and also help them in choosing the best diagnosis methods available and opting for the best suitable treatment. Thus, these groups play an important part of counseling people about the right way to tackle cancerous growth in the testicles and avoid its recurrence in future.

Support for testicular cancer can also be non-medical in nature and focuses mainly on making a person mentally stable and recover from the trauma of cancer treatment at the earliest. Testicular cancer treatment can be harsh or lenient depending upon the stage of the disease and internal body resistance of the victim. Such treatments may add to agony of the victim and discourage him to lead a normal life. Support groups help in providing a platform for the patient to talk openly about his concerns and have discussions with other patients so that he gets a feel of being cared and heard.

Ways of testicular cancer support

Support for testicular cancer can be of various patterns and may vary from region to region. The disease is more common in developed continents of North America and Europe and less prevalent in African and Asian countries. People belonging to Caucasian race are more prone to cancer of the testicles as compared to the black people. The survival rate for testicular cancer is around 100% for the first stage while it varies between 90-95% for the intermediate stages. Last phase survival rate for the disease is more than 70% if the tumors are diagnosed and treated well.

Survival rate may vary with the health complications the victim might be suffering from and also depends upon the post-treatment care pattern followed by the patient. Support groups help the victim to undergo proper diagnosis of tumors and understand the root cause of the disorder. They also assist in making the patient's family alert about the mental and physical stress he might be suffering from and educate them to handle the situation carefully.

Seminars, workshops, free medical checkups and group discussions are some of the common modes of showing support to testicular cancer patients. Walks and awareness drives to show concern about the disease, television and radio programs to educate masses about the disease, articles in newspapers and publication of manuals or books by research organizations are all a part of support activities.

Leading testicular cancer support groups

Leading organizations like Macmillan Cancer Support (United Kingdom), Testicular Cancer Awareness (United Kingdom), The Mark Gorry Foundation (United Kingdom), American cancer Society (United States of America) and the National Cancer Institute (United States of America) are some of the leading support groups for testicular cancer. Some of them are also active in research on testicular cancer and make the people familiar with the latest research findings and breakthroughs worldwide.

Testicular cancer support is very important to decrease the numbers of cases related to the disease and minimize the sufferings of the people by helping them choose the best diagnosis and cure pattern. Support also plays an important role in prevention of the disease as it makes people aware of the causes and symptoms well in advance and also guides them on the measures to be taken in case of detection of any major symptoms. Support is especially important for the poor and illiterate victims of the disease who are unaware of the latest and reliable treatments available.

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