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Throat cancer is a type of tumor that occurs in the area of throat. This cancer is of serious type and if not cured at early stages it can damage the entire throat area. Symptoms of this cancer are very difficult to recognize and they are often confused with minor throat infections. However, the development of tumor is so rapid that if it is not detected at early stage, it can risk the person's life. Throat cancer care includes all information about how to take physical, mental and home care of the patient suffering from the disease. It also includes information regarding preventive measures that are supposed to be taken care of for avoiding the occurrence of this tumor.

Before understanding throat cancer care, let's have a brief idea about symptoms and causes of this cancer.

Symptoms of Throat cancer are as follows:-

  • Constant Cough
  • Constant fever
  • Coughing up of blood
  • Wheezing
  • Difficulty in swallowing food stuffs
  • Sore throat
  • Excessive weight loss

Main Causes of throat cancer are as follows:

  • Excessive smoking of cigarettes
  • Over consumption of tobacco oriented substances
  • Over consumption of alcohol

Other indirect causes of throat cancer are as follows :-

  • Over exposure to Ultraviolet radiations
  • Leukoplakia
  • Human papilomavirus

Throat cancer support is generally classified into following types:-

  • Mental support
  • Physical support
  • Home Support

Throat cancer care explanation:

  • Mental Care:-

    As this tumor takes time to get cured there are chances of the patient losing his morale and getting into depression. This can be harmful as the patient loses his confidence and there are possibilities that the patient might discontinue the treatment. For this reason, there are several websites where the patient can log on and find information on how to get rid of such situations. The family members are therefore requested to stay with the patient and guide him and help him get rid of such situations.

  • Physical Care :-

    As this cancer is of serious types it takes time to get cured. Surgery and radiation therapy are considered as the main treatments that are used for curing this tumor. So after performing these treatments complete physical rest of about 2 to 3 months is advised. The patient is unable to speak and swallow the food stuffs. He is not even able to maintain his personal hygiene. Due to this the patient is advised to stay with his family. Home Care:-

Home support is also essential part of throat cancer support. As the patient is advised rest, he is not able to perform various cleanliness activities like sweeping, washing utensils and cleaning floors. For this purpose it is often advised that the patient at least one family member should stay with the patient.

Some of the caring techniques for preventing the occurrence of this tumor are as follows:-

  • Stop smoking, consumption of tobacco oriented substances and alcohol :-

    Smoking, tobacco consumption and alcohol consumption are considered to be the major causes of this tumor. The substances present in cigarettes and tobacco damage the inner lining of the throat area. In advanced stages they completely damage the surrounding lymph nodes. Due to this, the person suffers from constant cough and fever and sometimes even blood is thrown out of the body through cough. So it is extremely important to avoid consumption of such substances.

  • Start consuming a healthy diet :-

    Studies show that consumption of unhealthy substances can also result into occurrence of this tumor. The person should have a healthy diet to keep himself away from cancers and other diseases. Consumption of green leafy vegetables is often advised to throat cancer patients and people who suffer from frequent cough infections. Leafy vegetables contain folic acid and certain antioxidants which prevent the occurrence of this tumor.

Throat cancer care has been taken into consideration by several institutions who work towards spreading awareness and work for welfare of cancer patients. They conduct several lectures where family members are advised on how to take care of the patient while he is suffering from the tumor.

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