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Throat cancer is considered as one of the most serious type of tumors as it affects more than 30,000 people every year in America. The tumor in this cancer completely damages the lymph nodes of throat area due to which swelling and inflammation is produced in the area. In advanced stages the tumor damages the supraglottis, subglottis, aryepiglottic folds and other regions of the throat. The tumor takes control over the entire body due to which the person is not even capable of swallowing the food stuffs. Throat cancer recurrence rate is high if the tumor is removed in a surgical manner. A study conducted by American Cancer research reveals that there are more than 10 percent chances of recurrence even after the tumor is removed with the help of surgery. However the recurrence rate is lower if the tumor is cured with the help of chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

Before understanding throat cancer recurrence it is very important to have a brief idea about the symptoms of this disease:-

  • Constant fever
  • Constant cough
  • Difficulty in swallowing of food stuffs
  • Wheezing
  • Excessive weight loss
  • Sore throat

If any of these symptoms are observed after the surgery is performed then the doctor should be consulted as soon as possible. Throat cancer recurrence differs according to the nature, characteristics and type of the tumor and its severity at different stages.

This recurrence is generally classified into:-

  • Local recurrence
  • Regional recurrence and
  • Distant recurrence

Explanation of throat cancer recurrence:-

  • Local Recurrence :-

    Local occurrence is considered when the cancer occurs in the location of the tumor. The tumor in this form occurs in the same area where it occurred previously. The development of tumor in this recurrence is similar to the previous one as the cancer generally remains in the origin and does not spread to other parts of the body. The tumor has not completely damaged the inner lining. So Surgery is considered as best form of treatment as the location of the tumor is cut and the tumor is quickly removed.

  • Regional Recurrence :-

    In this recurrence the tumor occurs in the area of location and starts damaging the nearby lymph nodes and starts spreading to other parts of the tumor. The tumor is considered to be in the developing phase at this stage. If not cured within time, it can create further complications. Regional recurrence can be harmful as the main areas such as lymph nodes, and blood vessels completely get damaged. Targeted therapy is considered as the best treatment on this tumor as the location is completely freezed and the tumor cells are removed successfully.

  • Distant Recurrence :-

    In this recurrence the tumor, has completely spread to other parts of the body and so it has gained complete control over the body. The lymph nodes have been destructed to such an extent that the body starts throwing out blood through cough. The malignant cells also damage the brain areas , so the brain does not respond to other body parts. Radiation therapy is considered as best form of treatment for this recurrence as the malignant cells can be destroyed completely with the help of radioactive radiations.

To avoid throat cancer recurrence, it is often recommended to cure this tumor from reputed surgeons. It is almost impossible to remove widespread of malignant cells completely from the body and so there are at least 10 percent chances of recurrence of the tumor. However if the tumor is removed with the help of radiation therapy, recurrence of the tumor can be prevented.

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