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Throat cancer is a type of tumor that occurs in the area of the throat. This results into inflammation which causes constant cough and fever. In advanced stages the patient experiences difficulty in swallowing food. Major causes of this tumor are excessive smoking, consumption of alcohol and tobacco. Other causes include exposure to ultraviolet radiation, Human papillomavirus and Leukoplakia. If the symptoms of this tumor are detected at early stages the tumor can be removed successfully from the body. Throat cancer prognosis gives an overall analysis of the effects of this tumor on people according to stages and different age groups.

Throat cancer prognosis shows that more than 25,000 people every year are diagnosed with this tumor. This cancer is seen more in men than women and is seen majorly in men in the age group of 50 to 65 years of age. The average of patient diagnosed for this tumor is considered to be 65.

According to a research conducted by American Cancer research, throat cancer statistics in the year 2005 - 2006 are as follows :-

Age Group Percentage of people
10 to 20 years 0 percent
20 to 30 years 0.5 percent
30 to 40 years 3 percent
40 to 50 years 10 percent
50 to 60 years 21 percent
60 to 70 years 26 percent
70 to 80 years 18 percent
Over 85 years 4 percent

As there are various techniques which guarantee successful removal of the tumor, the tumor can be cured if it is detected at early stages. A research conducted by American Cancer care shows that this cancer can be treated successfully with o percent recurrence rate if the tumor is diagnosed at macroscopic level. It further concludes that since 1960's the cases of this tumor are declining because of biopsy which helps to detect the tumor accurately.

According to Canadian cancer research over 12,000 deaths occur due to this tumor every year. In terms of men and women it is seen 1.5 in 100 women die due to this cancer every year while in men 2.6 in 1000 die due to this cancer.

Throat cancer statistics with reference to their stages are as follows:-

Stages Survival Rate
Stage 1 58 percent
Stage 2 52 percent
Stage 3 42 percent
Stage 4 34 percent

According a case study done by Birmingham University about 2/3 of throat tumors affect the vocal chords whereas about 1/3 of the tumors affect the supraglottic area. It further concludes that in 1994 more than 12,000 men were affected due to this tumor in England. The ratio of men and women affected due to this tumor in 1994 is around 4:6:2. The maximum numbers of people affected by this tumor belong to the age group of 50 to 60 years.

Throat cancer statistics are calculated on the basis of:-

  • Size of the tumor
  • Type of the tumor
  • Its widespread throughout the body
  • Area of origin
  • Stage of the tumor

Chances of death are very low in the basic stages of this tumor as there are treatment techniques available that help to get rid of the tumor easily. The recurrence rate of the tumor at these stages is also very low but when the tumor reaches the advanced stages the treatment options like chemotherapy and radiation therapy can create complications and even the rate for recurrence is around 12 to 15 percent. Normally this tumor gets diagnosed in the second stage so there are thin chances of survival.

Cancer research institutions in America have noted that till 2015 the rate of women suffering from this tumor will increase as more than 15,000cases of women suffering from this tumor were noted in the year 2010.

Treatment for throat cancer is considered as one of the most expensive treatment of all tumors. The revenue earned from treatments such as targeted therapy and radiation therapy were around 175 million n the year 2005 the highest of all cancers.

Canada is the country that has the highest number of deaths due to this tumor. The numbers of deaths in Canada due to the occurrence of this tumor in the year 2005 were more than 32,000.

Throat cancer prognosis should not be shown to the patient at it can result into making the patient under confident. Thus it can harm the mental strength of the patient. Thus throat cancer statistics help us to understand the occurrence rate of the tumor, number of deaths and survival rate. Taking preventive measures will help us to avoid the occurrence of this tumor. There are several research institutes coming up with different awareness programs to make people understand the severity of this tumor.

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