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Throat cancer is a type of cancer that occurs in the throat area. This cancer is of serious type and affects more than 30,000 people every year. The inner lining of the throat is affected by the malignant cells of this tumor. These malignant cells also tend to damage the nearby lymph nodes and other parts such as he epiglottis, aryepiglottic folds and vocal chords due to which the person finds it very difficult to speak. Throat cancer surgery is a part of treatment conducted for removing the tumor successfully from the body. It is considered as the best form of treatment if the tumor gets diagnosed at first or second stage. However, a study conducted by Birmingham Institute of Cancer studies shows that there are more than 2 percent chances of recurrence of tumor even after the surgical procedures are performed.

Throat cancer surgery is classified into following types

  • Endoscopic Laser Surgery
  • Phosurgery
  • Post laryngectomy voice prosthesis
  • Laser debulking
  • Ca oropharynx

Explanation of Throat Cancer Surgery:-

  • Endoscopic Laser Surgery :-

    Endoscopic laser surgery is a form of surgery performed for treating throat cancer. This surgery involves the use of CO2 lasers with a microscope. CO2 lasers are passed through the inner lining of the throat. These lasers destroy the tumor and spread of the malignant cells throughout the area. This surgery is the best form of treatment if the tumor gets diagnosed at the 1st or 2nd stage. The recurrence rate of tumor after the surgery is performed is around 5 to 6 percent at first stage and 30 to 35 percent at stage 2 and 3.

  • Thyroplasty :-

    This surgery is usually performed after laser surgery. In this surgery, the surgeon tries to change the position of vocal chords as they get weakened during the surgery. Thyroplasty is performed only when the vocal chords are found to be affected and if the person finds it difficult to swallow and faces other problems like choking or coughing because of the surgery.

  • Post laryngectomy voice prosthesis :-

    This surgery is performed only after laryngectomy. This surgery is also called as vocal rehabilitation procedure. A special device is used for this procedure. This device helps to increase the airflow and thus the person is able to speak easily. It helps to maintain the airflow resistance when the person tries to speak. Thus it helps to prevent unintentional overshooting of voice.

  • Laser Debulking :-

    Laser debulking is also known as tracheostomy. In this procedure, the obstruction caused in the upper airways of the throat is removed. This procedure helps to provide temporary relief from the tumor. This procedure is done to debulk the part of tumor and is generally avoided as it can create a lot of complications.

  • Ca oropharynx :-

    Ca oropharynx is a procedure in which certain drugs are injected near the location of the tumor. These drugs completely freeze the tumor and then the malignant cells are removed with the help of surgery. This treatment works best at 1st and 2nd of the tumor and is generally avoided in the later stages.

Throat cancer surgery works best if the tumor is detected at early stages. However, chemotherapy and radiation therapy are considered as best form of treatments for the cure of this tumor. Even if these surgical procedures are performed, there are 5 to 10 percent chances of recurrence of the tumor.

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