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Throat cancer is a type of tumor that occurs when malignant cells attack the tissues of throat. This cancer is also known as Laryngeal cancer. The tumor of this cancer attacks the chords and voice box due to which the person finds it very difficult to speak. Throat cancer early signs are easy to detect and if this tumor is diagnosed at early stages, it can be successfully removed from the body. This cancer mainly occurs in people above 50 years of age and is mostly seen in men. In advanced stages, this tumor can also result into other complications such as difficulty in breathing and problems in swallowing of the food. A research conducted by American Institute of Cancer Research shows that more than 25,000 males are affected by this tumor every year. Throat cancer symptoms are often confused with minor infections and hence it takes time to get diagnosed.

This cancer is majorly observed in people who indulge into smoking habits and consume excessive amount of alcohol. This happens because the nicotine present in the substances creates a blockage due to which the passage gets blocked. Excessive alcohol consumption can also result into occurrence of this tumor as the contents in alcohol tend to damage the tissues of throat.

Treatment techniques for this cancer include surgery where the tumor and the malignant cells are removed with the help of an operation. Other treatment techniques include chemotherapy where certain drugs are prescribed to remove the tumor and radiation therapy where highly emissive radioactive waves are used to destroy the tumor.

Thyroid cancer symptoms are as follows:-

  • Constant cough
  • Fever
  • Coughing up of blood
  • Excessive weight loss
  • Swelling in neck
  • Wheezing
  • Sore throat

Explanation of Thyroid cancer early signs:-

  • Constant cough :-

    When the malignant cells attack the throat, they tend to produce mucus which blocks the area and produces inflammation. These further results in breathlessness and cough. This cough is of chronic type and does not respond to any kind of treatment. In future, this cough results into breathlessness and other respiratory problems.

  • Fever :-

    Due to constant cough, there is nasal congestion. The lymph nodes get swollen and so the person is not able to eat and talk. The overall functioning of body gets affected. Due to this fever is observed. This fever is often confused with flu and the treatment is started accordingly.

  • Coughing up of blood :-

    Due to infection in the area of throat, the air and mucus gets mixed. This results into constant irritation of throat and causes violent coughing. In advanced stages, it starts throwing blood due to which cough in the color of red is observed.

  • Excessive weight loss :-

    Due to constant cough and damaged lymph nodes swelling is caused in the area of throat. This causes inflammation due to which the person is not able to swallow the food stuffs. In advanced stages, the digestion system gets damaged completely. This results into excessive loss of weight.

  • Swelling in neck :-

    The malignant cells of this tumor damage the lymph nodes completely due to which swelling and excessive cough is produced in the throat area. This results into fever and other infections due to which swelling is observed in the area of neck.

  • Wheezing :-

    The tumor of this cancer tends to damage the respiratory tract. Due to this, blockages get created in the airways through which the air is inhaled. Due to damaged airways, a constant wheezing sound is produced.

  • Sore throat :-

    Due to constant cough, fever and wheezing, the immune system gets weakened and is affected by bacteria and other viruses. White or pale yellow patches are observed in the area of throat. It is mainly caused when the throat gets affected by bacteria called Streptococcus pyogenes. This symptom is considered as one of the early symptoms of throat cancer.

    Throat cancer symptoms vary according to the nature and characteristics of the tumor and its stages. However, detecting throat cancer early signs helps to cure the tumor successfully and thus avoids further complications caused by this tumor.

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