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Thyroid cancer is one of the most treatable cancers of all, statistics regarding survival rates point in this direction. Thyroid cancer can be caused due to genetic disorders, and in some cases it is difficult to trace the exact cause. Thyroid cancer causes also depend on the risk of being in an environment prone to radiation effects. Radiation is a significant cause that leads to the development of thyroid cancer; it is diagnosed more in people living around nuclear reactors and in areas which have had nuclear reactors that went out of control.

Some common thyroid cancer causes are:

Lack of Iodine:

  • People with low iodine diet have high risk of developing follicular cancer
  • They also have a risk of developing papillary cancer
  • However, people in the U.S have low probability of developing cancer due to this reason as iodine is present in common salt.


Thyroid cancer was heavily diagnosed in adjoining areas of Chernobyl, Russia where the nuclear power plant met with an accident. Thyroid cancer was detected in a lot of kids and adults alike and their progeny has a huge risk of inheriting the cancer. If a person's gets affected due to mutations of DNA then his/her child has a huge risk of inheriting the cancer. One of the primary thyroid cancer causes is genetic. DNA is the chemical in our cell and an important constituent of our gene, some of which decide the functioning of our cells. Some genes also decide how cells multiply and divide and also cell longevity; mutation of these genes can cause cells to dysfunction which results in cancer. And changes in DNA structure gets carried through generations.


  • Young people have a low chance of developing thyroid cancer
  • Women in their 40s or 50s
  • Men in their 60s or 70s


  • Women have an increased risk of developing thyroid cancer than men

History of thyroid cancer in the family:

  • Though not everyone from the family would develop cancer, probability of a family member developing thyroid cancer is high.

Thyroid cancer causes can be difficult to trace as they are closely linked with other areas in the neck/throat region. Malignancy in thyroid nodules signifies the spread of cancer. Thyroid glands are one of the most important glands in our body and problems related to thyroid gland can affect various functions of the body and not necessarily only the region in which the thyroid glands are located. Not all thyroid-related problems are traced to thyroid cancer symptoms; some can be just slightly digressive tendencies of the thyroid glands.

It is mandatory for a woman in her late 40s or in her 50s to go for a thyroid examination as she falls into the high-risk category. Cancer cannot be avoided but delays in diagnosis and ignorance of symptoms can obviously be avoided. People who have been subjected to radiation therapies for any reason and who carry any of the symptoms listed below should consult their physicians and get their thyroid examined. Few common symptoms related to thyroid cancer causes are:

  • Sleep disorders and fatigue
  • Sensitivity followed by pain in neck or throat
  • Difficulty in swallowing
  • Persistent cough
  • Change of voice due to hoarseness
  • Feeling internal swelling in the neck (Lymph Nodes)

Proper diagnosis of the cancer ensures that the cancer is treated according to the stage it is in. Research on thyroid cancer causes are being done at large. A patient opting for the clinical method of cancer treatment is the most valuable asset of the whole research.

The patient elaborately discusses his living conditions, his habits and other information. This enables scientists or oncologists to find the exact cause of the cancer. The thyroid cancer causes in kids and young adults are predominantly related to the radiation effects. Middle-aged individuals have a low risk of developing thyroid cancer because of radiation.

Thyroid cancer causes gives you information that you can use to verify with your experience and enables you to think for yourself. If the condition persists it is best advised to see your physician immediately and begin the treatment if you get diagnosed. Prognosis includes avoiding the causes that led to the development of cancer in the first place.

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