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It is little tricky even for the doctor to find out the risk factors of thyroid cancer in most cases, so there is no particular preventive measure for this disease. However, there are few common risk factors that increase one's possibilities of developing thyroid cancer. With an aim to find the exact thyroid cancer prevention methods, consult the doctor and discuss the risk factors that may lead you towards this hazardous disease. Doctor will take your history and may recommend you to make some changes in your lifestyle to prevent the formation of cancerous tumor in your thyroid gland.

What Are The Potential Risk Factors Of Getting Thyroid Cancer?

Although, finding the exact cause of this disease is difficult, there is couple of risk factors that contributes for the development of cancerous cells in the thyroid gland.

  • Deficiency of iodine in the diet
  • Chronic exposure of neck and adjoining area of thyroid gland to X-rays and other harmful radiations
  • Age above 55
  • Gender: women are more prone to this disease than men
  • Family history/ genetic or heredity: A person may get this disease due to family history or genetic abnormality

Precautions to Avoid Thyroid Cancer

  • Exposure to x rays and radiation, particularly in childhood can be said to be a common risk factor for getting thyroid cancer. Considering this fact, these days doctor avoid using X rays and other radiation therapies in children.

  • People who have inherited gene mutation as a major risk factor to develop medullary thyroid cancer may prefer surgical method to avoid cancer (prophylactic thyroidectomy). Discuss your risk factors and treatment options with the genetic counselor who is enough proficient to treat you well. A patient with family history of medullary thyroid carcinoma (MTC) needs to consult a doctor who can adopt the genetic testing and latest advances in genetic counseling to prevent this disease. In children, who carry anomalous gene, removing thyroid gland can be a better option, since it will help to prevent this fatal development.

  • Blood tests can be preformed to detect the presence of gene mutations of (MTC). This helps to treat or prevent the development of cancerous cells in early stages and thus prevent it from getting fatal. Once this disorder is detected in any of the family member, the rest of the family should get it examined for the transformed gene.

  • If you discover abnormal symptoms, such as swelling or lump in your neck, visit a doctor immediately and try to know the reason behind it.

  • During your checkup schedule, make sure that the doctor performs physical tests that involve all the examinations related to the thyroid. Doctor recommends examination of neck area twice in one year, since it helps them to identify and discover any lumps or growths.

  • People living nearby nuclear power plants are at greater risk of getting cancer of thyroid gland. In Unites States, people who live nearby nuclear plant are provided with potassium iodide medications that help to obstruct the effects of the radiations on the thyroid gland. The potassium iodide tablets works well to prevent thyroid cancer.

Key Tips to Avoid Thyroid Cancer

Similar to other cancers, even thyroid cancer can be avoided by having a nutritious diet or making few changes in your lifestyle. Regular check up is the key to detect the cancer and avoid its spread into distant organs; it also works to increase the survival rates of the patients. Unfortunately, there is no particular method to prevent thyroid cancer, but there are few techniques to lower one's possibility of developing it. Check out few key tips:

  1. Understand your risk factors. Extreme exposure to radiations and a family history of thyroid cancer contributes greatly for developing this illness.
  2. Maintain a healthy body weight and follow healthy eating habits. Controlling weight lowers down your risk of getting prone to any disorder. If you are slightly overweight or obese, plan to shed some of your pounds. You can accomplish this task by restricting your intake of fatty and sugary foods along with some daily workout regime.
  3. Consume a diet which is low in fats. Avoid fast foods, junk foods and high fat diet, since all these foods increases one's prospects of obesity and thus cancer. Include plenty of fresh fruits and veggies in your diet.
  4. Consult the surgeon or physician about preventive surgery. Chances of medullary thyroid cancer can be developed with the presence of defective RET gene. In this case, thyroid gland is removed surgically. This procedure is helpful to restrict the medullary cancer development and not the other forms of thyroid cancer.

Several cases of the thyroid cancer can be detected in the initial stages. In fact, most of the thyroid cancers are found early and thus can be treated successfully. Visit a doctor immediately, once you find any abnormal changes in you. Best way for thyroid cancer prevention is routine health checkup, since this can trap any abnormality that may lead you to a not so critical medical condition or a serious condition.

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