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As per the estimation, around 48,020 people are diagnosed with thyroid cancer in the United States. This figure involves 36,550 females and 11,470 males. Thyroid cancer develops gradually and hence is allied with better survival rate as compared to other types of cancers. The estimations of death due to this cancer on annual basis state the figure as, nearly 980 women and 760 men (overall 1,740 adults). Thyroid cancer statistics varies as per the type of thyroid cancer; more aggressive type of this disease has lower survival rate while others have better.

Five Year Survival Rate for Thyroid Cancer

The five year survival rate is defined as the number of people who survived for at least five years or more than that after thyroid cancer detection (excluding those who died in this duration due to other disease). This statistics for all thyroid cancer stages is nearly 97percent. Aggressive cancer like Anaplastic thyroid cancer has much lower five year survival rate while other cancers like follicular, papillary and MTC ranges in between 97 to 100 percent when detected in initial stages. This stats decreases as the stage of the cancer increases; later stages are accompanied with lower survival rates.

Thyroid cancer statistics needs to be interpreted very carefully. These figures are calculated on the basis of the statistics from thousands of people undergoing this type of cancer in the country on annually, but the actual risk each individual varies as per the type and thyroid cancer stage. Even a doctor may not guarantee by considering the statistics how long a particular person undergoing thyroid cancer may stay alive. Since, the survival statistics are calculated in the interval of five years, they may not represent the developments that took place in the diagnosis or treatment procedure.

Key Statistics for Cancer of Thyroid Gland

Estimations of Thyroid cancer statistics carried out by the American Cancer society:

  • Stat for cases of thyroid cancer mentions that about 48,020 people are diagnosed with this disease and as per the individual figures women are the major victims. (Around 11,470 men and 36, 550 women).
  • The death ratio for thyroid cancer is also higher in women as compared to men. Around 760 men and 980 women die with this cancer annually.

Cancer of thyroid gland is usually diagnosed at younger age and develops gradually. Both these factors separate this cancer from other adult cancers. Almost, people in the age group of 25 to 55 are found to get this disease. In recent years, more people are getting prone to this disease and the reason for this increase is the adoption of ultrasound, which are helpful to detect minor thyroid nodules. This indicates that the reason for the increased rate is the technique to find out large cancerous tumors. It is observed that the death rate due to this cancer is stable since few years and it is dramatically lower than the death stats of most other cancers.

Major reason for this is the slow development of most thyroid cancer. Few are too aggressive to detect and treat.

Things to Keep In Mind

  • Statistics of any disease helps the doctor to estimate the prognosis and survival rate for a thyroid cancer patient.

  • Statistics are approximations that illustrate trends in large group of people. These figures or estimations cannot be used envisage what can exactly happen to a particular individual.

  • Understating your possibilities and rate of risks can help you get an appropriate diagnosis, screening tests and opt for some modifications in your lifestyle that will reduce your risk of developing this cancer.

  • Varieties of statistics are used to identify the risk of any type of cancer among a large group of people. This includes prevalence, incidence and mortality statistics.

  • Statistics of prevalence, incidence and mortality for different cancer stages, time periods and age groups may vary considerably. Based on the medical condition of each individual, people are recommended to ask their doctor for the most accurate statistics.

  • If you are aware that you are at risk of developing this disease, consult the doctor and know your chances of developing it as well as getting it treated successfully.

  • If you find the cancer related statistics is unclear, you should consult your doctor and take further details.

Many individuals may want to know their risk of being diagnosed with thyroid cancer on individual basis. Generally, statistics are used to evaluate the possibilities of getting cancer for group of individuals and but at instances, it can be used to determine the risk in one person as well. The stats may not be very accurate, but can give approximate prognosis. However, statistics is not useful to determine whether a person will get cancer or not.

In all, it can be said that thyroid cancer statistics are quite better than statistics for other types of cancers. Always keep in that statistics always represents information of a group instead of a single individual.

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