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Living with a fatal disease like cancer is really tough. People get stressed due to the side effects, pain and the feeling that they may not survive for long. In such conditions, they seek some support that will help them cope up with such consequences. Most people gets emotionally distracted and they need some practical aspects to get relief from distressful feelings. Similar to other cancers, even thyroid cancer patients needs special care and attention after diagnosis and treatment. Considering this fact, a number of thyroid cancer support organizations have been established.

They are dedicated to provide mental, emotional, spiritual and moral support to the patients. Patients and their family members get together in these groups and share the effects of the treatment and ways of coping with their side effects. These groups may provide support over the telephone, in person or through internet.

Thyroid Cancer Support Organizations are Well Organized Caregivers

Some people undergoing thyroid cancer needs support to cope with this disease. They want someone with whom they can share their concerns, feelings and pain due to treatment. Depression is the major medical issue that most of the patients may undergo. A caregiver has to keep the track of their changing behavior and thus find ways to help the patient to overcome them. As per the American Cancer

Society, people with cancer may show various changes in their behavior:

  • Felling distressing every day and almost throughout the day
  • Noticeable swings in the mood
  • Feeling of triviality
  • Thoughts of suicide
  • Loss of interest in activities that pursuits happiness

Cancer patients may be worried about the caring of their family, continuing routine activities or job. Various concerns about treatments, hospitals stays, management of side effects and medical bills are some of the common worries. Doctors, other medical consultants, nurses and other personnel from the health care team are enough proficient to answer the queries of the patient regarding treatment and other activities. Consulting a counselor, social worker or a member of clergy can be beneficial for those patients who want to discuss their concerns and share their feelings. In most cases, the social workers are often helpful to suggest resources for home care, transportation, financial aid or emotional support.

Mission of the Thyroid Cancer Support Groups

These cancer support groups basically locate programs, publications and services and help the patients and their families.

  • To educate the thyroid cancer patients, so that they can understand their disease in a better way.
  • To co-ordinate and communicate with the patients as well as the health care professionals regarding the needs of the patients
  • Providing scope to the patients to participate in meetings and conversations to share their experiences.
  • To support the various research resources for a thyroid cancer free future.

Most support groups have their website that helps the patients in several ways. These support groups make sure that the site offers all the current information related to thyroid cancer and list resources that are helpful at any stage of the treatment and examination along with lifelong monitoring. It receives enduring input and review of several thyroid cancer professionals. Such sites can serve best for anyone concerned with the issues related to thyroid cancer.

Services Provided By Thyroid Cancer Support Groups

These organizations are fully dedicated to provide thyroid cancer support to the patients who join them. Their services involve the following:

  • Providing dedicated helpline where the patient or the concern person can speak and get the consultation for the disease
  • A personnel to assist the patient through the stages radioiodine treatment, surgery and required follow up
  • Provide telephone contacts of the support groups
  • Arranging regular meetings of the support group where patients and consultants are present
  • Hospital visits
  • Access to a clinical specialist or team member
  • Access to precise up to date information regarding the disease

Feeling of being a cancer patient shatters the person totally. They get frightened and experience isolation, specifically when the cancer is rare, but consulting someone who has undergone through similar stage and experienced same treatment regime and surgery can be beneficial and supporting too.

This can be supportive especially during:

  • Treatment in isolated conditions
  • When patient has to live without thyroid hormones (hypothyroidism)

These elements are mandatory during the thyroid cancer treatment. However, it is assumed that the phase of hypothyroidism may be annulled with the escalating use of a drug therapy called Thyrogen. Support groups often provide support, information and encouragement. They, however, do not provide any type of medical advice on their own, but can list the health care centers that are helpful for the patients. They liaise with the medical specialists to endorse knowledge of thyroid cancer and thus assist in the progress of the patient's experience and understanding with Thyroid Cancer.

Thyroid cancer support groups are the best media to collect knowledge and cope up with the medical issues that arises during any phase of this disease.

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