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Thyroid cancer surgery is the primary treatment option to cure thyroid cancer. The selection of the operation basically depends on a few key factors such as the location of the tumor which is necessitating for surgery, age of the patient, the thyroid gland anatomy, general health and how much area is covered by the tumor.

Thyroid Cancer Surgical Preferences

Thyroid cancer can be treated with a variety of surgical options depending on the condition of the patient and tumor. Know more about the available options of thyroid cancer surgery.

Thyroid Lobectomy

This operation is a minor surgery performed to cure the cancerous tumor in to the thyroid gland. It is carried out for the imprecise cells that are found in the fine needle biopsy or the introverted dominant nodules, which may give rise to cancer. Also appropriate for solitary cold or hot nodules, follicular adenomas, or goiters which are secluded to single lobe.

Partial Thyroid Lobectomy

This treatment option is used in rare cases because there are very few conditions that will allow the use of this restricted approach. Additionally, for selecting this surgical option a benign lesion should be preferably located in the lower or upper portion of one lobe.

Subtotal Thyroidectomy

This operation works best to remove the tumor from the lobe, mass of the opposite lobe as well as gland and isthmus (a part that links the two lobes). This surgical process is ideal for non-aggressive and typically small thyroid cancers. This operation is usually preferred in few other cases such as goiters which gives rise to complications in the neck or even those which develops and spreads into the chest. They are also called as substernal goiters.

Isthmusectomy Combined With Thyroid Lobectomy

This term indicates removal of the isthmus and thyroid lobe and is used to remove more thyroid cells and tissues as compared to the simple lobectomy. This treatment is generally used for Hurthle cell tumors and for those signs listed among the thyroid lobectomy and some non-aggressive and very minor thyroid cancer.

Total Thyroidectomy

Total Thyroidectomy refers to complete removal of the thyroid gland. This surgery is one of the best options that can be used to treat all types of thyroid cancers which are aggressive and severe in young patients. Most of the surgeons opt for this type of thyroid cancer surgery regardless of the type. If the cancer cells starts developing into the lymph nodes they can also be removed completely. In some cases, radioactive iodine is used to raze the remaining thyroid cancer cells that get spread into the nearby lymph nodes.

Thyroid Cancer Is Curable

With the appropriate and timely care, thyroid cancer can be cured readily. Entire surgical resection of the damaged lymph node slots and the entire thyroid is the cornerstone of treatment. Before starting up with the preparation for thyroid cancer surgery, an ultrasound test of the neck is performed essentially. Carrying out this test, under the observation of a proficient clinician can be helpful to divulge any inflamed lymph nodes that are strongly involved with cancer.

As per recent study carried out by a cancer center, thyroid cancer surgeries performed by a non- professional is deficient around 40 percent of cases. It can be said that inadequate primary operation may not cure the patient completely and frequently dictates a second surgery to eliminate all affected tissues. Reiterate surgeries in the neck may give rise to elevated risk to the patient.

Facts about Thyroid Cancer

Most of the thyroid cancers develop and spread very gradually that you can prefer to follow the surgery after certain time duration. In case, you opt to postpone surgery, your endocrinologist will have to keep a watch on your thyroid cancer. Lobectomy (surgery in which some part of the thyroid gland that is affected with cancer is removed) is less complex as compared to the total thyroidectomy. It also has less chances of leading towards hypothyroidism. But the possibilities of the recurrence in thyroid cancer increases in lobectomy than in thyroidectomy.

If you are planning to get rid of thyroid cancer, then surgery is the best option which needs to be performed under the observation of highly proficient surgeon and in reputable hospital. After undergoing surgery in the observation of an experienced surgeon, a patient has to face fewer side effects. Clinical trials are carried out by the scientists and the researchers to evaluate innovative cure options to treat thyroid cancer. Visit the nearby hospital and ask the doctor for some new clinical trials that would be helpful for you. You can also prefer to make some research on the ongoing clinical trials that are carried out in the National Cancer Institute.

For removing cancerous cells from the thyroid, preferring thyroid cancer surgery is a reliable step. Every treatment has some side effects allied with it which can be further overcome by taking some medications. Follow up after the surgery, regular medicine intake and proper care helps the person to cure the cancer early as well as avoid recurrence. Keep in touch with your doctor if you find any abnormal activities taking place in your body, as it may be due to the influence of the side effects of thyroid cancer surgery.

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