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Most of the researches revealed that tongue cancer is more prominent in men as compared to women. According to their study, in a group of 142 men and 71 women were diagnosed with tongue cancer. They also discovered that gender does not have any impact on the prognosis of this cancer. Based on this tongue cancer breakthrough the researchers concluded that treating the female patients with less aggressive form of treatment due to their gender was not defensible. It is also observed that most of the men who get this disease are above 40 years.

When a tumor starts developing on any part of the tongue that does not heal, it can be considered as an early sign of tongue cancer. In early stage the patient may observe white or red patches on the tongue, development of protrusions or lumps can be observed when touched. All these abnormal symptoms need a medical attention immediately. Since, the tumor of tongue cancer is often painless; the cancer cannot be noticed in the initial stages and thus remains undetected for long. If this cancer spreads into the other organs in the oral cavity, chances of survival for at least 1 year becomes difficult. Considering all these facts the researchers are discovering new tongue cancer breakthrough.

New tongue cancer breakthrough

There are some new or more definitive rationales about why people tend to get oral or tongue cancer.

P120 - catenin help to suppress the cancerous tumor

One innovative research carried by medical institute stated that protein that allows the cells to bind together is usually out of place or not present when a patient gets esophageal or tongue cancer. However, at some point this is not certain, that the absence of protein be correlated with the development of the cancerous tumor. Nearly 650,000 people get affected by tongue or oral cancer each year.

Tongue Cancer Breakthrough The researchers perform this experiment on mice in which protein (p120- catenin) is absent, in their upper oral digestive tract. As an outcome of this experiment, the mice started to develop squamous cell cancers. This experiment provides a credence to the research that p120-catenin is linked with the suppressing of the cancerous tumors. The tumors that were developed in the mouse were similar to the tumors that usually develop in the human beings. Normally, in the healthy tissues, p120-ctn works as a part of a huge group of proteins that allows the cells to uphold themselves in a compactly packed sheet. If the proteins are absent, a person may be at risk of developing breast, pancreas, skin, bladder, prostrate, colon and endometrial cancer.

This information could be significant in developing some innovative approaches that may help to treat the cancerous tumors in humans as well.

Key Tongue Cancer Breakthrough Related to the HPV

HPV (human papillomavirus) is recognized for causing warts in genitals and at some extent they may be the reason for developing certain types of cancer. According to tongue cancer research, the survival rate of the patient who has developed HPV type of tongue cancer is greater as compare to the patients who have HPV negative tongue cancer. During this research, the researchers observed 200 patients with oral cancer that had to be treated with surgery or with radiation therapy. After supervising the patients for 24 months, the researchers discovered that patients with HPV negative were four times more likely to die as compare to those with HPV positive.

This research reveals that HPV status can work as the strongest predictor to identify the survival rate of the patient with tongue cancer, if the patient is HP positive he or she may survive for longer time as compare to the one with HPV negative. These days number of researchers is working on variety of clinical trials that tailor the treatment as per the HPV status of the cancer cells.

In order to diagnose the tongue cancer in early stages, regular dental checkup along with oral cancer specific is more important. A huge advancement is observed in the tongue cancer breakthrough, you can prefer to adopt a new clinical trial that may help you cure your tongue cancer effectively.

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