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Tongue is a part of the oral cavity and hence tongue cancer is considered as a form of oral cancer. In oral cancer, lips and tongue cancer are more common. Most type of tongue cancers begins in the upper layer of the tongue and is termed as squalors cell carcinomas. Use of alcohol and tobacco chewing are considered to be the two major tongue cancer causes. A patient with tongue cancer may experience a painful ulcer or sore on the tongue that does not heal. Patient may also have difficulty in swallowing food.

Tongue Cancer Causes Tongue cancers can be differentiated by their location of origin on the tongue. If the tumor is developed at the rear third of the tongue, then the cancer is termed as a squalors cell cancer at basal layer of the tongue. If the tumor is developed on the front part of the tongue, it is called as an oral squalors cell cancer. Both these cancers can be differentiated by their location of origins. Treatment of both these cancers is different, since it is based on the location of the tumor. Oral cancer or tongue cancers are more common in men as compared to women and it usually occurs after the age of 40.

What are the major tongue cancer causes?

The basic reason that causes the normal cells to convert into cancerous cells is not known, but there are several risk factors such as use of tobacco, alcohol that leads the person towards increased risk of tongue cancer. Risk factors that are responsible to elevate one's possibility of developing tongue cancer include:

Alcohol abuse

People who abuse alcohol are at higher risk of developing oral cancer along with tongue cancer, liver cancer and gastric cancer. As per the studies of the American Cancer Society, smoking cigarette and use of alcohol are the major causes among most of the cancer patients.

Use of Tobacco

People who use tobacco at a large extent are at a greater risk to get tongue cancer or oral cancer. American Cancer Society (ACS) reveals that tobacco chewing, smoking cigarette which includes high amount of tobacco causes various types of cancers after treatment also. It means they can increase the possibility of cancer recurrence as well.

Restrained Immunity

According to some evidences, patients who undergo transplants through immune-suppressant therapy are at higher risk of getting tongue cancer.

Unhealthy diet and Nutrition

People who do not include vegetables and fruits in their diet often are found to develop tongue cancer. Deficiency of vitamin A and chewing bethel nuts are found to be the major tongue cancer causes among the Asians.

Gender and age

According to the research, more men are prone to oral or tongue cancer than women and the reason behind this fact is that most of the populations that drink and smoke are men. Age factor also contributes to the cause of cancer.

HPV Infection

The HPV (human papillomavirus) is known for the development of cervix cancer. According to ACS, few HPV viral genetic materials are found to cause oral and tongue cancers.

History of exposure to radiation

If a person has had head or neck cancer, which was treated by radiation therapy, he or she might be at a greater risk of getting tongue cancer or oral cancer since radiations harms the normal cells or gives rise to cells mutation and thus occurrence of cancer.

Other potential tongue cancer causes

Presence of lichen planus (a disease) or use of alcoholic mouthwashes is observed to contribute in the development of cancer cells. Poor denture fitting or poor oral care may increase one's possibility of having tongue cancer.

How to reduce your risk of getting tongue cancer?

You may minimize your risk of tongue cancer by:

  • Quitting use of alcoholic drinks, chewing tobacco and smoking cigarettes that have high quantity of tobacco.
  • Having plenty of fresh fruits and vegetable in your diet.

Tongue cancers are treatable and curable at the early stages. Surgery followed by radiation therapy can be helpful to destroy the cancer cells on the tongue. As there are no particular tongue cancer causes, preventing the risk factors can be the best remedy to avoid tongue cancer.

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