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Doctors may not be always able to explain the reason why one person develops cancer while others do not. However, researchers have performed studies about the general pattern of cancer development in people. They stepped forward to know what things in our daily activities and which things in our surrounding increase our possibilities of getting cancer. Similar to other cancers, even tongue cancer is a malignant disease that decreases one's life expectancy. Reducing the risk factors can work as an ideal tongue cancer prevention technique.

What is risk factor?

Tongue Cancer Prevention Anything that elevates the possibility of a person to develop a disease is referred as a risk factor, while anything that reduces the chance of a person to develop the disease is referred as a protective factor. In case of cancer, some risk factors are avoidable, while others are not. For instance, you can avoid smoking or taking alcohol (common risk factors cancer), but you cannot choose the genes you have inherited. Both alcoholism and inheriting specific genes are considered as risk factors of tongue cancer, but only alcoholism can be avoided. Tongue cancer prevention refers to avoiding or reducing the risk factors and elevating the protective factors.

If risk factors can be diminished completely, they can be controlled and controlling risk factors help to reduce one's possibility of developing cancer. Although, most of the risk factors are avoidable, it is significant to understand that avoiding risk factors does not assure that a person will not develop cancer. Although in case of tongue cancer, it is found that, most of the people who smoke and chew tobacco often do not have tongue cancer, while people who never smoked and used tobacco are prone to develop tongue cancer.

Key steps for tongue cancer prevention

Most of the factors that increase the risk of tongue cancer are known and avoidable, while others are unavoidable. Reducing the risk factors, contribute to the tongue cancer prevention technique. Check out the potential factors, avoiding which you can prevent tongue cancer at some extent.

  • Avoid alcohol and tobacco use: Use of tobacco (smoking cigars, cigarettes, pipes, chewing tobacco) is responsible for the development of oral or tongue cancer. Consumption of alcohol (particularly hard liquor) is also associated with the increased possibility of developing tongue cancer. Stopping the use of both these things can be beneficial to reduce the risk of tongue cancer.

    Adopt chemoprevention: Chemoprevention refers to the use of vitamins, drugs, medications or other agents to delay or prevent the development of cancer cells or keep them away from recurrence. Tobacco users, who have undergone tongue cancer, often get the second cancer in the nearby areas such as the oral cavity, throat, nose, esophagus, vocal chords etc.

  • Avoid chronic exposure to sun: Chronic exposure to sunlight or UV rays may increase the risk of lip cancer (particularly lower lip cancer), and a lip cancer may metastasize into the tongue. So avoiding direct exposure to sunlight by applying colored lipstick or sunscreen can be helpful to reduce the risk of cancer.

  • Treating HPV infection: If you have HPV infection (human papillomavirus), you may be at greater risk of getting tongue or oral cancer. Treating this infection can help you reduce your possibilities of cancer.

  • Maintain oral hygiene: Maintaining a good oral hygiene is a helpful practice to avoid any oral infections or diseases which may further develop into cancer cells. Brush and floss your teeth regularly. Visit your dentist once in six months; this will help to detect any infection of disease.

  • Change your lifestyle: Making some changes in your lifestyle and eating habits can help to reduce the risk of tongue cancer. Prefer healthy food that improves your immune system and resists various infections.

  • Take medicines to avoid precancerous state: If you are at risk of getting tongue cancer, ask your doctors to recommend some medicines that can help you treat the precancerous state or to keep you away from developing cancer. Precancerous condition may develop due to the exposure to radiation therapy, for treating a cancer nearby the tongue.

If you think that you are at risk of developing tongue cancer, consult your doctor and ask for tongue cancer prevention techniques.

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