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Prognosis of any type of cancer is determined by considering certain factors. In the same way, tongue cancer prognosis is performed by undertaking the patient's overall health along with age, severity or stage of the cancer, how the patient will respond to a particular treatment option. Tongue cancer is a hazardous medical condition which creates a number of complications in the life of the patient. This condition occurs when a cancerous tumor is developed at the upper part or at the base of the tongue. Tongue cancer falls under the category of oral cancer.

An overview of tongue cancer

Tongue may fall prey to various diseases and infections and one of them is tongue cancer. It is a malignant condition which creates troubles in one's normal life. Squamous cell carcinoma is one of the leading causes of tongue cancer as well as many other cancers. In cancer, a tumor may develop on the front or at the base of the tongue which progresses in size over the time. This sore is painful and does not heal. It creates trouble in chewing and swallowing food. This cancer usually occurs more in men than in women, and is commonly seen to be developed in men above 40 years.

The key causes of tongue cancer are excessive intake of alcohol, chewing tobacco and smoking cigarette. Chewing areca or betel nuts also increases one's risk of getting this cancer. These substances are toxic and trigger the detrimental growth and spread of cancer cells. Other risk factors allied with tongue cancer are unhealthy diet habits, weak immunity system, chronic exposure to toxic substances etc. Tongue cancer usually metastasizes and spreads in to the lymph nodes in the neck and other adjoining area. Tongue cancer that has metastasized into the throat is called as oropharyngeal cancer.

Tongue cancer prognosis and treatment:

Tongue Cancer Prognosis After addressing the abnormalities that indicates tongue cancer, your doctor will undergo a diagnosis for the confirmation of cancer. Tongue cancer diagnosis can be performed through biopsy, oral exam and blood tests. Once your cancer is detected, your doctor will look for the extent of spread of the cancer cells, since it indicates the stage of the cancer. The decision about selecting the appropriate treatment option depends on the spread of the cancer. Your tongue cancer prognosis is also based on the stage and grade of your cancer. The early your tongue cancer is diagnosed; the better will be your prognosis. Once the cancer cells get spread into various parts, your prognosis becomes weak.

The treatment of tongue cancer basically involves radiation therapy, surgery, chemotherapy, while reconstructive surgery and rehabilitation are the additional therapies that are performed to improve the functioning of the tongue which is disturbed due to the treatment. Radiation therapy and chemotherapy are used to destroy the cancer cells and restrict their growth, while surgery helps to remove the cancer cells from the root. After undergoing a surgery, the patient may need an additional therapy to get back to his normal speech.

Factors that affect the tongue cancer prognosis

There are some key factors that influence one's cancer prognosis.

  • Type of tongue cancer
  • Location of tongue cancer
  • Extent of spread or stage of cancer
  • Overall health of the patient
  • Age of the patient
  • The opted treatment option
  • How the patient responds to the treatment

The tongue cancer prognosis is generally positive if it is diagnosed in the early stage and treated as per the condition. Like all other cancers, even tongue cancer has four stages that are based on the spread of the cancer cells. By performing certain therapies and treatments, the growth of the cancer cells can be controlled or restricted. Early detection is the key to treat the cancer effectively and get a better outlook. If the cancer is diagnosed initially, the five year survival rate for the patient is around 50 to 65 percent. This rate can be above five years depending on how the patient responds to the treatment. Statistics for tongue cancer can be laid in various ways and depends primarily on priorities of organization framing such statistics.

In case if the cancer is detected at a metastasized stage, the larynx and mandible can be saved by selecting an appropriate treatment.

In order to keep the oral disorder like tongue cancer at bay, undergoing a regular oral checkup is recommended. To improve your tongue cancer prognosis, strictly use the recommendations given by the doctor.

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