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According to the tongue cancer statistics estimated by the American Cancer Society, men are majority victims of this deadly disease. The percentage of women with oral cancer is less as compared to women. As per estimation calculated on the basis of survey carried out in United States, around 39,400 adults are diagnosed with oral or oropharyngeal cancer, among which 27,710 are men and 11,690 are women. According to the estimation, overall 7,900 deaths will occur due to this cancer, among which 5,460 are men and 2,440 are women. Tongue cancer statistics depict the overall estimation of deaths, survival and cure. Probably, human papilloma virus (HPV infection) is considered as one of the major risk factors for getting tongue cancer.

Tongue Cancer Survival Rate

Among the cases of oral cavity cancer, tongue cancer accounts for about 25 percent of cases. After tongue cancer diagnosis, nearly 84 percent of patients survive for at least one year. The overall ten year and five year survival rate for the tongue cancer patients is 51 percent and 61 percent respectively. Survival rate refers to the percentage of the patients who can survive for about five years after diagnosis, this stats excludes those who die due to other diseases. However, tongue cancer survival rate widely depends on the primary location of the cancer and the extent of its spread during diagnosis.

Statistics of cancer survival should be interpreted with vigilance. These estimations are calculated on the basis of the data from thousands of people undergoing a particular type of cancer in a particular region every year, but the actual cause or risk factor may vary for each individual. By considering the overall tongue cancer statistics, your doctor may not be able to predict how long you can survive. Since survival statistics are usually measured after intervals of certain years, they may not represent any new advancement that has taken place in the diagnosis and treatment techniques of this cancer.

Stats of Incidence and Deaths

  • Annually, oral cancer hits an anticipated 39,400 Americans. An estimated 7,900 people (5,460 males and 2,440 females) are at the stage of mortality due to this cancer.
  • Since oral cancer is mostly diagnosed in later stages, surviving people becomes difficult.
  • Mouth cancer is more like leukemia and results into increasing mortality rate as compared to cervical cancer or melanoma.
  • The average estimation depicts that, only 50 percent of the diagnosed people survive above five years.
  • It is sad to tell that mouth cancer is one among rare cancers whose incidence rates are raised in last few years than other types of cancers which encompasses efficient screening techniques. The incidence rates of other cancer have been little decreased due to the advancement in new techniques of diagnosis.
  • If symptoms of tongue cancer are diagnosed with new screening technologies in early stages, we can instantly attempt to restrict the growth of the cancer cells.

The Deadly Tongue Cancer Statistics

  • The tongue cancer mortality rate has no significant improvement since previous 40 years.
  • Above 30,000 people in America are diagnosed with oral cancer, among which around 50 percent have chances of survival above 5 years.
  • Around 8,000 people in Europe die due to oral cancer every year. Tongue cancer is usually detected in advanced stage and this is the main reason for the increase in the death rates.
  • Tongue cancer ruins the lifestyle of the patients, severely compromising the quality of their lifestyle. Early diagnosis of abnormal changes can create a great discrepancy in prognosis and life expectancy. Tongue cancer is possibly curable if detected in early stages. Unfortunately, around 70 percent of oral cancers cases are detected in advanced stages, and around 45 percent among those survival rates less than five years. Women undergoing cervical cancer have more possibilities of getting oral cancer.
  • In most cases, HPV is the major cause for the raise in the tongue cancer statistics.

Socio-Economic Deprivation and Tongue Cancer Statistics

Oral cancer incidence and socio-economic deprivation are linked with each other, since the most disadvantaged regions of the population has greater rate of tongue cancer incidence. This rate is particularly strong for men population. Due to higher consumption of tobacco in most disadvantaged areas, rate of incidence is higher as compared to the less disadvantaged regions. This shows that social and economic deprivation plays an important role in the fluctuating tongue cancer statistics.

Statistics are generalized numbers and are not related to the condition of a particular patient. They give general information about the average population diagnosed with tongue cancer.

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