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Oral or tongue cancer can often be cured, if diagnosed early. Although tongue cancer therapy focuses on complete cure, still preserving the functioning of the adjoining tissues, organs and nerves is also vital. When a doctor plans for a particular therapy, he considers how the treatment will work on the lifestyle of the person, how a person looks, feels, breathes, talks and eats. In most cases, a team of doctors coordinate with the patient to create a treatment plan that will work best on the patient. This team of doctors conducts an evaluation before starting up with the treatment.

Tongue Cancer Therapy Team

Tongue Cancer Therapy Basically, three main treatment options are available to treat the cancer patient: radiation therapy, surgery and chemotherapy. One of these or a combination of two can be used as a tongue cancer therapy. The team of doctors may include surgeons, radiation oncologists, otolaryngologists, medical oncologists; maxillofacial prosthodontists (restorative surgery specialists for neck and head) perform otolaryngologists (throat, nose and ear doctors), physical therapists, mental health professionals, dentists, dietitians, speech pathologists and social workers.

It is vital that a comprehensive treatment plan is scheduled before starting up with the treatment and the patient needs to be examined by several specialists before creating such as plan. stages are of five basic types and each stage displays specific growth of cancerous infection. Selection of therapy depends on several factors such as the cancer type and stage, preferences of the patient, probable side effects and general health.

Tongue Cancer Surgery

Surgery of tongue cancer involves removal of cancerous tumor along with the adjoining healthy tissues. The aim of surgery is to remove the cancerous cells completely and leave negative margins (all the traces of cancerous cells are removed). Sometimes chemotherapy or/ and radiation therapy is performed after the surgical treatment. On the basis of the stage, location and pathology of the cancer, some patients may require additional therapies or more than one operation to confiscate the cancer cells and restore the functioning and appearance of the tissue that are affected due to the surgery.


This therapy uses drugs to destroy the cancer cells, usually reducing or impeding the ability of the cancer cells to develop and divide. This therapy is performed by medical oncologists (a professional who specializes in dealing with the cancerous condition). Systematic chemotherapy is all about injecting the drugs into the bloodstream to reach the cancer cells situated in any part of the body. A chemotherapy is usually conducted in regimen, which consists a specific number cycles provided over certain time period. A patient may be treated with one drug at a time or a permutation of various drugs at the same time.

This therapy can be combined with radiation therapy (referred as concomitant radiochemotherapy). This combination is usually recommended since it controls the growth of the cancer cells and often increases the efficiency compared to any one of these treatments given individually.

Radiation Therapy

This type of tongue cancer therapy uses high potential X-rays or other particles that destroys or kills the cancer cells. External beam radiation therapy is most common therapy in which the radiation beam is focused from the machine on the external part of the body. When the radiation therapy is provided using implants, it is termed as internal radiation therapy. It involves rods or tiny pallets that contain radioactive materials that are implanted surgically in or near to the tumor site. This therapy can also be termed as brachytherapy.


This therapy can also be termed as biologic therapy and is designed to stimulate the immune system of the body to fight cancer. Immunotherapy uses natural or artificial materials. It means, this therapy is performed either by the substances made naturally in the body or in laboratory that targets to bolster or restore the functioning of the immune system.

Targeted Therapy

This therapy deals with targeting the cancer specific genes, tissues or proteins that contribute in the stimulation of the cancer development and survival. Targeted therapy restricts the development and spread of the cancer cells and limits the damage to the adjoining healthy cells often leading to very few side effects as compared to other cancer treatment options.

Clinical Trials:

Clinical trial is an innovative treatment option that is ongoing to get its confirmation as an effective therapy. It is research study to examine new tonsil cancer treatment options to determine whether it is effective, safe and potentially helpful as compared to the standard treatment options. These are advanced researches that can work better in some cases to treat the tongue cancer. Various clinical trials are proved effective to treat tongue cancer and thus are accepted as standard tongue cancer therapy.

Well, all the above treatment options are used to treat tongue cancer, but your doctor will decide which one will work best on the basis of immunity strength, since each patient suffering from tongue cancer has different symptoms and tolerance levels. Recently a number of clinical trials got accepted as standard tongue cancer therapy since they worked effectively on different patients with tongue cancer.

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