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Opting for an appropriate tongue cancer treatment basically depends on the location, type, overall health of the patient and severity or stage of the cancer. If the tongue cancer is detected and treated at the onset, the patient may cure successfully. Immediate medical checkup in case of any abnormal signs or regular follow up after undergoing a tongue cancer treatment are the keystones for effective tongue cancer cure. This can be made certain by being aware about the various tongue cancer symptoms.

Some tongue cancer early signs are easy to detect, while some are hidden and may imitate other medical condition that are less fatal. So, understating the symptoms and getting it confirmed from the doctor at the slightest hint or indication, whether severe or mild can be helpful to get the best result. The selection of tongue cancer cure technique is usually based on the nature of the tumor as mentioned above. One should confirm tongue cancer stage he is suffering from before opting for a form of treatment.Your treatment options could be:

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Surgery to remove the tongue cancer cells

Tongue Cancer Treatment This is the most recommended treatment option to destroy the cancer cells from the root. This includes surgical removal of the tumor and is usually more effective when used in the initial stages when the cancer cells are not spread to a large extent. The location, size and severity of the cancerous tumor influence the surgery. The initial step in the treatment involves the removal of tumor with laser cautery. This method is performed with an assurance that the normal functioning of the tongue will not affected by this. In case, if the tumor has spread into the adjoining lymph nodes your surgery may include their removal as well. If the tumors are larger than the usual size, certain modified techniques are used that may not leave any aftermaths of the surgery.

Radiation therapy to destroy the tumor by targeting it

A tongue cancer surgery may be followed by a radiation therapy to destroy the remaining untreated cancer cells even after carrying out a surgery. These remaining cells are removed by exposing them to the high power radiations that targets the cells to kill them. Radiation therapy uses electronic beams and radioisotopes to burn the cells. This therapy is a localized technique, which is used to target the remaining cancer cells in the treated area. This therapy can be provided in two types: external radiation and internal radiation. Some usual side effects of this therapy involves tiredness, skin reactions and appetite loss etc., however, they can be controlled with the medications.

Chemotherapy to treat the spread cancer cells

Generally, this type tongue cancer treatment is adopted when the cancer is severe or has spread to a large extent (into the surrounding lymph nodes like neck or other areas). In short, it can be said that this type of tongue cancer cure option is selected when the cancer is no more localized and has spread beyond the original site. This treatment involves use of drugs and medications by injecting them through oral media or veins.

Surgery for reconstruction (reconstructive surgery)

This surgery is normally performed to retain the regular functions of the tongue (swallowing, speech, eating) after the surgical removal of the tumor. It is a procedure that deals with the restoration of the normal tongue architecture that might have altered due to the tongue cancer surgery. Basal, posterior or anterior tongue cancer treatment influences functional results of the tongue at a great level. This surgery also helps to improve the facial presence after the treatment.

Rehabilitation to get into normal living post surgery

Rehabilitation is a type of tongue cancer cure technique that is performed by the professionals who specialize in swallowing therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy and dietetics. This treatment is the last step of tongue cancer cure phase. The number of seating required by the patient depends on the severity of cancer and the degree at which the tongue has been affected due to the surgery. Patients are taught to eat, swallow, speak and regain all the regular functions of the tongue.

After undergoing tongue cancer treatment, regular follow up with the doctor is highly recommended, since it works to heal the wounds completely. For complete tongue cancer, following the prescription regularly and visiting the doctor often are the best options.

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