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Tonsil cancer causes are very similar to those of mouth cancer. This is a cancer which does not have a lot of early signs and symptoms and also does not show any severity. This cancer generally starts as a sore on the back of the throat which initially does not show any sort of complications but the sore does not heal for a very long time and then can be felt while swallowing food or saliva.

  • Consumption of Tobacco: - Tonsil Cancer Causes This is one of the most important and the biggest factor causing this cancer. Consumption of tobacco also causes a lot of problems as well as cancer of the neck and head, and especially esophagus, tonsil and mouth. Consumption of tobacco can be in any form i.e. direct or by smoking; it in any form is very bad for health and creates major issues in the long run.

  • Alcohol Usage: - This is the second largest cause of this cancer. After tobacco this causes maximum tonsil cancer. This does not include occasional wine or beer but if it is regular this too may raise the risk. But regular intake of hard drinks like whiskey or vodka will increase cancer risk of the throat, mouth, stomach, esophagus, and pancreas. Furthermore, if this habit is combined with chewing tobacco, this will create a very bad impact on the body and also will raise a very high chance of tonsil cancer.

  • Ill-Fitting Dentures: - This is also a tonsil cancer cause because it gives rise to a gum problem eventually and then goes onto causing major issues with the tongue and the tonsils. This is a slow process but is a problem if not treated on time.

  • Poor Oral Hygiene: - This too causes a lot of cancers specifically of the mouth and tonsil. A clean mouth does not give rise to infections. According to a study done by American Cancer Association, each teaspoon of saliva contains about one billion bacteria, and thus it is a major cause of plaque in mouth and tonsil. This also gives rise to pyorrhea which is a major disease of the gums and in return gives rise to tooth loss.

  • Infections: - There are many infections which develop in the mouth and in turn gives rise to cancers. Infections such as syphilis and some viruses develop in the mouth which leads to cancer of the tonsils and other parts of the mouth and body. This happens because of the medication which is provided to these infections. This leads to massive cell division which is uncontrollable thus giving rise to a cancer.

  • Precancerous "Plaques": - This is also one of a major tonsil cancer cause. This is a type of cancer which develops in the mouth and throat and also takes form of chronic irritation. This infection can be white color and is called as "leukoplakia" or red in color called as "erythroplasia". This is not always cancerous, but may lead to a cancer. It is always recommended to check the mouth for this type of development.

  • Continuous chewing of betel nut: - This is an issue which is seen in most of the Asian countries. This also is related to the problems of tooth loss, mouth and throat cancer which includes tonsils as well.

Tonsil cancer causes are very general in nature and one does not see all the above mentioned points that can lead to cancer of the tonsils. An individual should be very particular about the minutest change in the body and specifically in the areas like mouth and throat which one generally does not pay a lot of attention to.

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