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Tonsil cancer is the malignancy of the tonsils, which are present in the throat. Tonsil cancer prevention is necessary because this is a cancer which does not show a lot of signs and symptoms. This cancer can lead to death if it is not detected on time. Tonsil cancer spreads to other organs of the body as well; this happens after the third stage of the cancer. For the prevention of this cancer, one should know what the symptoms and causes of this cancer are.

Tonsil cancer prevention can take place by keeping in mind the following aspects:

Symptoms of tonsil cancer: -

  1. Sore throat: - Tonsil Cancer Prevention This is the most common and the earliest symptom of tonsil cancer. If the sore throat stays for a long duration you should not ignore it and visit a doctor soon for a check up.

  2. Bad breath: - This is an alarming sign of tonsil cancer. One should always take some amount of preventive measures. If bad breath is persistent you should visit a doctor to know its cause.

  3. Pain in the ear: - The pain can be severe and may grow if the root cause is not treated. This is one of the earliest sign which needs to be paid attention to.

  4. Swelling in the nodes of the neck: - The sides of the neck appear larger than the usual ones. This is a cause of concern when the swelling gets painful and is followed by a lot of itching.

  5. Bleeding from the gums: - The gums tend to weaken and a lot of blood oozes out while eating something hard or brushing the teeth. A lot of redness is also seen in the gums and also on the inner skin of the mouth.

  6. Difficulty in swallowing and eating: - Swallowing is a process which needs a little effort and when there is a lump formed in the tonsil, this process gets a little more difficult. This is the time when the cancer has reached beyond stage 2. The cancer must be treated fast so that it does not spread to the other parts of the body.

Causes of tonsil cancer: -

  1. Consumption of alcohol: - Alcohol if consumed on a large scale can be a risky factor and predisposes you to cancer. The risk is always higher when an individual consumes both, liquor and tobacco.

  2. Consumption tobacco: - Consumption of tobacco can be in any form is very bad for health and creates major issues in the long run.

  3. Poor oral hygiene: - One should always maintain a good oral hygiene so that the risk of developing any sort of an infection which could get fatal in the form of cancer is reduced. It is important for an individual to at least maintain the minimum level of oral hygiene.

  4. Continuous chewing of betel nut: - Mostly seen in Asians, chewing betel nuts can pose a risk of developing throat cancer.

This cancer is harmful as it spreads at a relatively fast pace and makes the head, neck and the back its prey. This is a cancer which should be treated on time and any sort of a sign which shows some abnormality in the mouth or throat should be examined by the doctor.

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