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Tonsil cancer surgery is the type of treatment which is given to the patients suffering from this cancer at any stage. If the cancer is detected in the early stages, cancer can be easily removed by surgery. The type of surgery performed will depend upon the location, size and the shape of the cancer. But the main reason that will decide the type of treatment is the stage of the cancer. Surgery of large tumors always accompanies some other treatment methods, but small tumors could be treated by just surgery

Tonsil Cancer Surgery Most of the tumors are removed from the tonsil via mouth. This process is known as trans oral surgery. Most of the tonsil cancer surgeries which are not done via the mouth require a throat reconstruction surgery. They also need to attend a rehabilitation center for improving their function of swallowing the food and the overall speech. Removal of cancer with the help of trans oral surgery does not involve a lot of reconstruction therapies and does not even take a lot of time. This is a surgery which is most effectively performed and almost 75 percent of the cases are solved using trans oral surgery. This type of surgery also has the record of the lowest recurrence rate in five years. Another innovation in trans oral surgery is trans robotic surgery which is performed by the surgeons at Minnesota and Arizona. The newer version creates a better impact and is more effective and ensures faster recovery of the patient.

If the malignancy has spread to other parts of the throat or the neck, the surgeons remove the tumors in such a way that it causes minimum reconstruction of the throat and least amount of ill effects is experienced by the patients. The surgery will depend upon the size of the tumor. If the size of the tumor is very small then surgery can be performed with the help of local anesthesia. In some cases, laser surgery is also performed on the patients. In this type of surgery, the patient is discharged from hospital within 2 to 3 days. But if the tumor is large or has spread to other parts of the throat, i.e. the throat and neck or the back, the process of the treatment will be different. In most of such cases, a part from the back of the tongue or the soft palate is removed.

Side effects of surgery: -

  • Immense swelling is observed in the area where the treatment takes place
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • In some cases, an opening in the wind pipe is made by the surgeon. This is called as tracheotomy. This allows free breathing when there is a swelling in the throat. This is a temporary side effect.
  • Many a times, there is problem observed in speech after tonsil cancer surgery takes place. This side effect may be temporary or in some cases permanent. To solve this issue, there are many speech related therapies which are performed on the patient.

Reconstructive surgery

This is a type of surgery which is necessary for the people who have undergone an advanced surgery and a reconstruction of the part which is operated is needed. There can be a lot of disfigurement after the surgery which can be cured because of this treatment.

Tonsil cancer surgery is not a very complicated surgery. Tonsil cancer is a rare cancer and occurs most of the times because of metastasis. Tonsil cancer most of the times affects the throat and the neck. Thus, it is important to take precautions before the cancer is spread to these parts of the body.

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