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Tonsil cancer symptoms can be seen in any of the three types of tonsils that are present in the throat. This cancer commonly occurs in is palatine tonsils. These are tonsils which are present on both the sides of the throat. The tonsil which is present behind the nasal cavity called as adenoids is also prone on developing tonsil cancer. The cancer can also develop in the lingual tonsils, which are present at the back of the tongue. The tonsil cancer is very common in the lining of the mouth thus are called as squamous cell carcinomas, which arise in the lining tissues of the mouth; lymphoma is also one of the cancers which develops largely in the tonsils.

The symptoms of tonsil cancer: -

Tonsil cancer symptoms do not show up at a very large scale in the beginning of the disease but eventually gets dangerous and difficult to treat. The most common way of detection of tonsil cancer malignancy is the development of a sore in the throat which is constant and does not heal for a very long duration. This sore can be felt when the food, saliva or water is swallowed. Lymph nodes in the neck may be enlarged and unexplained weight loss may occur.

The most common tonsil cancer early signs are: -

  1. Difficulty eating, swallowing or talking: - Tonsil Cancer Stages This is the earliest tonsil cancer symptom. In this the eating habits of an individual change. The person is not able to eat the food properly and feels a lot of discomfort even while drinking water. This is a sign which shows that something is severely wrong. The sore or the lump acts like an obstruction in the process of eating.

  2. Altered sense of taste: - This is the first sign of tonsil cancer. The food does not taste what it should. In some cases, the taste of the food just disappears and all what the individual eats tastes the same.

  3. Bleeding gums: - Bleeding from the gums is observed. Redness in the inner skin of the mouth is also seen. The bleeding also occurs when one eats or brushes the teeth. This happens when the pressure is put on teeth and gums.

  4. Bad breath: - As there are many infections which develop in the mouth, the breath of the person becomes bad and foul. The smell does not go even if one rinses the mouth after regular intervals or brushes the teeth after every meal.

  5. Lump or sore that does disappear: - A lump is seen in the throat or the lining of the tonsil. This is a sore which is most of the times seen when it has become big in size and is visible when the mouth is spread wide open. This is a sign which should never be ignored.

  6. Ear pain: - Immense pain is observed in both or single ear. This is connected with the throat and thus the pain is a result of something being wrong in the tonsil or the throat of the individual.

  7. Swollen lymph nodes in the neck: - The sides of the neck are bigger than regular. In other words, the neck looks swollen and is accompanied by itching because of the swelling seen in the body.

  8. Sore throat: - The throat of the person suffering from tonsil malignancy feels very rough and is accompanied by continuous pain. This pain and soreness should be addressed to the doctor if it does not even go away with the general medication that one follows for curing this illness.

These tonsil cancer symptoms may get serious and cause a lot of damage to the parts of the body. This is a cancer which also can spread very fast and can metastasize to other parts near the throat. This cancer also leads to many other issues of breathing, and respiratory problems. Many a times, blood or black coffee like granules is seen in the vomit. throat and the neck. Thus, it is important to take precautions before the cancer is spread to these parts of the body.

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