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Tonsil cancer therapy is a type of treatment which is given to the patients for whom the treatment of surgery has not been very responsive. These therapies can also be given to the patients for whom the doctor feels that cancerous cells may still be present in the body even after the removal of carcinoma. This is a cancer which is seen in the back of the throat, in the tonsil region and can spread fats in the oral cavity if it does not get treated on time. This cancer needs special attention because even if it is rare it can cause deaths because it does not show many early signs and symptoms.

There are two types of tonsil cancer therapy which is provided to the patients.

  1. Chemotherapy
  2. Radiation Therapy


This is not a very powerful option used by the doctors to cure tonsil cancer. It has not shown any major improvement in the life of the people who have undergone chemotherapy sessions for tonsil cancer. This tonsil cancer therapy is also called as neoadjuvant treatment. It is a systematic therapy.

Chemotherapy is given to the patients in two ways: -

  1. Intra- venous: This is the way by which the drug is inserted in the veins of the individual via an injection
  2. Intra-Muscular: This is the way by which the drug is inserted in the body of the individual via muscles The drug reaches the cancer site via the bloodstream. This is a therapy which can be combined by various other therapies or treatments. This is a therapy which is not sufficient to treat the tonsil cancer all alone.

The side effects of chemotherapy are: -

  • The medicine used in the treatment tends to kill healthy cells of the body
  • The cells of bone marrow are killed on a large scale when this treatment takes place
  • Oral bleeding may be caused because of clotting
  • Hair loss is the first major issue of this treatment

Radiation therapy: -

Tonsil Cancer Therapy This is a therapy which can be given external or internally. The internal radiation therapy is also called as brachy-therapy. In both the options the tumor is targeted and cured. Radiation therapy comes under the targeted therapy of cancer. This is a therapy which is combined with other treatment methods i.e. surgery. Many a times, this therapy can also be used before the surgery. As it is a target therapy, it is used to shrink the size of the cancer before the surgery is performed. This makes it easy for the doctor to perform the treatment. In this type of therapy, a machine is used which emits a high beam energy ray which is very powerful and kills the cancerous cells or shrinks the cancer. This therapy is also used for eliminating a lot of painful symptoms of tonsil cancer. There are many issues which can be developed when the patients undergo the radiation therapy. They are advised to pay regular visits to the dentist and a gastroenterologist.

There are two types of radiation therapies available:-

  • Brachy- therapy: - This is the therapy where the cancer is removed by placing the drugs directly into the body. The drug is a radio active medicine which treats the cancer. This therapy is very useful when the can has re occurred or the size of the malignancy is small.

  • External radioactive therapy: - This treatment is done on a daily basis and mostly depends upon the stage of the tonsil cancer. It goes on for about 14 days. The treatment will also depend upon the size of the tumor and the overall health of the patient under treatment.

The side effects of radiation therapy: -

  • Muscles of the mouth may get inelastic in nature
  • The level of immunity of the individual may reduce
  • Development of a painful ulcer called 'mucositis'
  • Some patients are unable to hear after this therapy

Tonsil cancer therapy is given to the patient who have either finished their main treatment or who will undergo their main treatment. This is a therapy which kills the cancer cells when the surgery is over. It can also be said that these therapies are given to the patients as a precaution so that the cancer cells which remain in the body after the main treatment are killed.

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