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Tonsil cancer treatment starts with basic medical care and many a times can stay forever. This fact will depend upon the stage at which the cancer is detected. The most common type of treatment which the patient has to undergo is of regular dental checkups and treatments for the mouth. Regular medical care allows a health care professional to provide early screening tests. The aim of tonsil cancer cure is to permanently treat the cancer from the body and to remove the cancer causing agents from the body as well.

The most common and widely done tonsil cancer treatments are: -

  • Surgery: - This is the first option which is given by a doctor to the patient. This is a type of treatment wherein the whole part affected by cancer is removed from the body. In this case, the other cancer affected body parts are also removed. The surgery of tonsil cancer will depend upon many factors such as: -
    1. Stage of the cancer
    2. Spread of the cancer
    3. Health of the patient
    4. Age of the patient

  • Chemotherapy: - Tonsil Cancer Treatment This is a treatment method which is used to attack the cells. This is a method where the doctor will introduce drugs in the body that will remove the cancerous cells within a specified duration. The cancer causing cells can be removed by giving the drug in two ways: a) intra muscles where the treatment is given via muscles; b) intra venous: where in the drug is given into the vein which flows in the blood stream.

  • Radiation therapy: - Radiation therapy, commonly known as radio or radio active therapy is a tonsil cancer cure which is used for targeting the area where the cancer cells are present. It is called as a target therapy as well. Here with the help of a machine the high energy rays are emitted into the body to kill the cells which cause cancer. This takes only a few minutes in a whole day.

  • Clinical trials: - These are new developments in the field of medicine. New types of therapies and tests for diagnosing the stage and spread of the cancer in the body have been introduced. This is an important development because correct treatment can be given to the patient.

Other types of tonsil cancer treatments are: -

  1. Complementary treatment: -

    There are a few tonsil cancer treatments which are available for curing this cancer in a better way. Such types of treatments are also called as alternative therapies and most of the times they are combined with the regular treatments given to the patients. These treatments cannot be substituted with the main tonsil cancer cure method but can be combined for a faster recovery.

    Complementary treatments mostly include:

    • Acupuncture
    • Massage therapy
    • Yoga

  2. Hospice care

    This is a cancer which does not show a lot of early signs and symptoms and therefore is detected in an early stage. In such cases, when the cancer is detected, it is observed that it has reached a later stage which does not show any sort of a positive response to the treatment which is offered to the patient. Here the goal of the doctor then becomes to keep the patient comfortable and maximize the quality of life.

Tonsil cancer treatment must be given to the patients keeping in mind their health, age and responsiveness to the treatment. The stage of the cancer and the spread of the cancer will also determine the type of tonsil cancer cure which will be provided to the patients. This is a cancer which can be fatal if it is not treated on time; hence one should be very prompt in identifying the signs and symptoms and detecting the same.

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