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Vaginal cancer awareness is essential for the public to know about the disease. The women in particular should know how and when vaginal cancer might develop in them. This would help them assess their own situation better. If they know about the pros and cons related to the disease it would also help them to conduct themselves accordingly and seek medical care and attention. Being aware about the disease would make the patient take appropriate steps and even a chance to have better prognosis

Vaginal cancer almost doesn't provide any symptoms while in the initial stages so it has good chance of going unnoticed. It keeps developing much to the ignorance of the woman and the concerned woman only comes to know about it when she experiences never before things like vaginal swelling, vaginal bleeding not related to menstruation or post state of menopause or constant irritation etc. Any woman who finds herself in such situation should immediately consult a good doctor and get tested. As a delay would only aggravate the situation. Cancer could either be benign or grow and become malignant. Benign cancer is when its detected in its early days while malignant cancer by the time identified usually has reached an advanced stage and therefore is more complicated and could also prove fatal

Vaginal cancer detected in its initial stages could be good news for the patient as it's rated highly as curable. However, same cannot be said about the patients having reached an advanced state. This is considered danger zone and requires immediate attention to stop further damage. A patient with malignant cancer might not be having as good a prognosis as the ones belonging to the former stage, having said that a treatment at the right time may always lead the patient to live longer.

Vaginal cancer is one type of Gynecological cancer. Other cancers like cervical cancer, ovarian cancer also belong to Gynecological cancer. Vaginal cancer is a rare cancer and so there is possibility of not many people knowing about it. But awareness is necessary as adequate knowledge would also act as vaginal cancer preventive measure and save many women falling prey to it

The popular adage, "Ignorance is Bliss" can't stand true as far as vaginal cancer is concerned. Generally, it so happens that unless one knows about a particular thing he/she never takes it seriously and keeps ignoring. And as the vaginal cancer doesn't provide any strong signals in the initial stages only a proper knowledge about the disease can set alarm bells ringing in the mind of the woman concerned and she would make the effort to visit the physician quickly. Today there are institutions, volunteers, corporate and even individuals who are contributing to create mass awareness regarding vaginal cancer. These are as mentioned below:

  • Volunteering: A lot of concerned people today are taking up volunteering job. To some of them it's a passion, they enjoy being able to do something for others without having any selfish motive. The volunteers are a great medium of spreading awareness about the vaginal cancer. They may conduct some workshop, write articles in journals or online portals and make it accessible to lots of women and all those who want to and need to have knowledge of the disease

  • Awareness events: There are institutions and even corporate who are coming forward and organizing various public events, seminar where guest speakers come and deliver valuable input about vaginal cancer, posters with information about the disease are put up and leaflets distributed on the same. This can help reach the information to many people and make them aware as to what exactly is vaginal cancer

  • Local media: Local media is another means of spreading the all important awareness about vaginal cancer. They publish articles on the disease in their health column and highlight the need to be alert about any symptoms that resembles vaginal cancer. This doesn't take much effort but is beneficial to innumerable women and people

  • Fund raising: There are various groups who not only are committed to spreading general awareness on the disease to as many as possible but they also make effort to generate as much funds as they can and provide for the patients having financial crunches. They try to feed a patient's both the emotional and financial needs besides dissemination of information

Vaginal cancer awareness among women should go a long way in helping them identify any possible changes in their body. Although research is going on as to find out what leads to vaginal cancer one cannot sit till the facts come out. So, a woman should also make effort on her part to acquire adequate knowledge and keep herself abreast with any latest discoveries in the field of vaginal cancer.

Whether a woman suffers from benign or malignant vaginal cancer ignorance might push her into deep trouble or to a path of no return. Hence, the need for awareness about the pros and cons of the vaginal cancer comes to the fore. However, due to lack of awareness many women are falling prey to this disease.

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