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Vaginal cancer care is very important for women who have been diagnosed with this disease. The feeling of having had the cancer in the most intimate part of the female body can cause extreme emotions in the patient. It affects the way one perceives or thinks of herself. It is a very rare type of cancer but it can engulf the person in depression and fear. It is a type of cancer that almost goes undetected when in its early days. But gradually, it starts sending signals in the form of abnormal vaginal bleeding, lump in the private part accompanied by pain and swelling.

By the time one takes notice and visits the doctor the cancer may have already spread to other body parts beyond the place of its origin. A cancer could either be benign or malignant. benign cancer or localized cancer is curable if detected early.. However, malignant cancer is metastasis, the phase where the cancer has reached an advanced stage and looks threatening. Metastasis is when the cancer has grown and spread to other body parts affecting them in the process. A person diagnosed with advanced vaginal cancer would be having many hard feelings and no one can understand the agony and helplessness one might be going through. These people require more care and emotional support. A strong state of mind helps to respond better to the treatment.

In today's time there are many NGOs, volunteers, corporate and even individuals who want to come forward and provide care and support to women suffering from vaginal cancer. The patients may also approach these institutions in confidence. Few of them are listed below:

  • Family and friends: Family and friends are the ones who one is constantly surrounded with. They are the ones who need to stand by the patient and provide her with required emotional support. They must make the patient feel confident and emotionally strong. This would help the patient in fighting off her inner fears, confusions and anxiety of having been diagnosed with vaginal cancer

  • Support network: The patient may join some online community or join local groups. Being in the company of people with similar conditions would help her talk and share her inner thoughts with them, take inspiration and have a positive outlook towards life. Besides, participating in local group activities would keep her in good shape of mind and help her cope better with the situation. The patient might also reach out to a psychologist and pour out her deepest emotions and apprehensions

  • Adequate Awareness: The person diagnosed with vaginal cancer might or might not be very familiar with the causes, symptoms, treatment options available, best hospitals to approach, side effects etc of the disease. Ignorance can make a situation go further wrong; hence the patient should acquire enough knowledge about vaginal cancer if she/he has been diagnosed with. Understanding her own medical condition would make her at ease with herself and respond well to the treatment

  • Talking to the doctor: The woman might have many emotions running inside her. She may be having lot of doubts, apprehensions and insecurities. The patient may clear all her doubts and talk on any matter including a disturbed sexual life and ways to combat the same. An air of doubt creates many confusions and confusions lead to undue pressure. Hence, a clear communication with the concerned physician would keep the patient in good state of mind and make her sure of things related to her diagnosis, treatment and life post surgery

  • Lone time: The patient is likely to go through depression and feel like she is of no use. Talking to near and dear ones, the concerned doctor or certain people who have had similar experiences would make her feel good about herself and collect knowledge on the disease that has been bugging her but then talking to too many people creates confusion and too many views and perceptions just don't make much of a sense. So, the patient must take some lone time for her, sit quietly and take her own decisions and not get carried away by several views and opinions of people around

A woman with vaginal cancer requires her near and dear ones' care and support. Getting diagnosed with vaginal cancer is traumatic and a big shock for many women. It may make them feel worthless and negative about themselves. A timely care, a helping hand, a soothing touch or a heart to heart conversation would do a world of good to the concerned patient. It would lift her spirit and enable her to stand up and fight for her precious life.

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