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Vaginal cancer prevention depends on the patient herself. It is her alertness and concern for own health that should save the day for her. No one can be sure whether vaginal cancer is going to affect them or not. Hence vaginal cancer awareness is necessary as knowledge would also act as preventive measure. Sometimes even people with symptoms do not get the cancer while those with no obvious signs might also get victimized. Hence, people should always try and have a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle always helps lead a less complicated life. Vaginal cancer is a very rare type of cancer and according to a study accounts for only 3% of gynecology cancers.

Vaginal cancer develops in the vagina, the female reproductive system. This is through which the baby passes out during birth. This is a very sensitive part of the female body and one should not ignore any abnormal things that seem to be taking place in the region. Occurrence of any abnormal things like, vaginal lump, pain during sexual intercourse, vaginal bleeding not related to periods should immediately catch the attention of the patient. The concerned woman should at once visit the physician and plan appropriately.

Even doctors can't say much as to how to prevent one from getting affected with this disease but then there are few things one might keep in mind and act accordingly to be on the safer side. This could be as explained below:

  • Age: Age is a factor when it comes to getting vaginal cancer. It is found that generally, women in the age group of 60 and beyond are at a greater risk of getting this type of cancer. However, women younger than this age might also run the risk of getting one

  • DES exposure: DES stands for Diethylstilbestrol, a drug which was administered to the expectant mothers during the 1980's to stop miscarriages. Daughters born to such mothers are always at a risk of getting vaginal cancer

  • Smoking: A study released by the American Cancer Society states that women who smoke are more likely to get vaginal cancer than the ones who do not

  • HIV infection: HIV stands for Human Immunodeficiency Virus. Any woman who already has HIV might be exposed to the threat of getting vaginal cancer

  • HPV infection: HPV stands for Human papillomavirus. It is a sexually transmitted disease and one should try and avoid contracting this. A woman might get infected with HPV if she allows any of the following to take place

    1. Having multiple sex partners
    2. Having sex during her pre teens or teens
    3. Having sex with uncircumcised males
    4. Having sex with the one who has had many sexual partners

    In order to avoid HPV one should abstain from the following:

    1. Limit sexual partner to one
    2. Make sure to use protection like condom during intercourse
    3. A woman could get vaccinated by drug called Gardasil which is believed to provide some amount of protection against getting infected with HPV which might again put the woman in risk of getting vaginal cancer

  • Vaginal pessary: This is used to cure uterine prolapse and if used for a long term it might cause irritation in the vagina. This long term vaginal irritation might lead to vaginal cancer in the patient.

Every woman should be aware of the above risk factors and try to keep themselves at bay from such diseases. Vaginal cancer prevention depends on the women themselves. A risk factor is believed to make one prone to getting the disease but it's never a certainty. Irrespective of that, it's too dangerous to ignore the consequences of having been exposed to the various risk factors. The scientists are doing the research to find out as to what causes vaginal cancer in a woman.

The primary causes of vaginal cancer is not yet known. This breakthrough is likely to usher in advanced knowledge and medical technology that is expected to help prevent women from getting vaginal cancer. Women may also try and keep themselves aware of conditions that have the potential to make one fall prey to vaginal cancer. Only promptness on the part of the patient may decide her prognosis. Upon getting the symptoms the patient must not ignore them and consult the concerned physician.

If at all, due to sheer ignorance a woman has contracted vaginal cancer still she could have better survival chances, if she makes the all necessary visit to the doctor without delay and without fail. One never knows she might still be in the benign or initial stages of vaginal cancer which is often considered curable. So, one should not neglect the abnormal changes happening in the body and avoid getting exposed to the risk factors discussed above.

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