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Vaginal cancer research is expected to usher in new and improved medical technologies and better drugs to help prevent and cure the vaginal cancer. Scientists are coming with new methodologies and techniques to combat the disease. So far not many scientists are sure about the reason of the cancer. Vaginal cancer develops in the female reproductive system called vagina. It is also known as birth canal as it's from where a child passes out during birth. Vaginal cancer in its initial days doesn't send out obvious signs and chances of it going untraced are quite high. However, any women having symptoms like vaginal swelling, abnormal discharge or lump etc should immediately pay a visit to the concerned doctor. A delay might allow the cancerous cells to further grow and spread to other body parts as well making the matter more complicated. A cancer could either be benign that is still in its initial stages or malignant that has grown and most probably has started affecting body parts beyond its point of origin.

Hence, it is always better to take notice of any abnormal changes taking place in one's body and report to a doctor as a delay could be dangerous. A breakthrough with regard to causes of vaginal cancer would help the patient avail treatment options and also have enhanced prognosis. But one has to wait till the scientists confirm any new drugs or medical technology. These researches have to go through clinical trials before they can be safely applied to humans. An appropriate and accurate research and clinical trial is the need of the hour in order to bring up advanced treatment and prevention strategies.

Some of the research and trial those are currently underway can be classified as below:

  • Chemo therapy: Scientists are getting inkling that chemo therapy is useful in treating vaginal cancer in women. Now, they are trying to establish whether chemo therapy together with radiation therapy could prove a better treatment for vaginal cancer

  • HPV Vaccines: HPV vaccines like, Gardasil and others are likely to reduce the chances of getting vaginal cancer. Another HPV vaccine, Cervarix which is presently available in the market is also expected to be helpful in vaginal cancer treatment, however, clinical trials in this regard is on and it could only be applied if proven safe

  • Oncogenes and Tumor suppressor genes: The research on oncogenes and Tumor genes is still on and it is aimed at gene therapy. Gene therapy is something that could replace the cancerous cells in the vagina with normal cells and help reduce the abnormal changes in the vagina that might lead to vaginal cancer. In case of this research scientists are trying to find out how certain changes in the oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes lead to abnormal cell growth in the vagina that becomes cancerous later on

  • Reconstructive surgery: Scientists are doing research on reconstructive surgery, which is aimed at repairing the vaginal cells post radical surgery

  • Radiation therapy: Scientists are investigating whether it is possible to combine both brachytherapy and radiation therapy so as to treat the abnormal cells in the vagina that later on turns cancerous

  • Supportive Care: The scientists are also studying to find out ways to curb the post treatment side effects that some patients have to endure. Reduced side effects are supposed to enhance the prognosis and quality of life of the concerned patient Vaginal cancer research would enable the scientists to come up with improved technology and drugs to prevent and treat the patients.

Vaginal Cancer is a rare type of cancer and is most commonly found in women at the age group of 60 and above. Vaginal cancer if detected in its early stages can be cured as well. Any breakthrough in this regard would not only help arrive at the causes of this cancer but this would also bring more positive outlook for the women suffering from vaginal cancer. The patients would be hopeful and respond better to the treatment. Better treatment and drugs would also imply fewer side effects that would help the patients have a normal lifestyle. Scientists are trying their best to come up with latest treatment that would also help reduce the chances of getting vaginal cancer and also the recurrence. It is expected to better the life expectancy of vaginal cancer patient or at least help keep the cancer well within control.

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