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Vaginal cancer survival rate is calculated after amassing the data from various hospitals. Vaginal cancer mostly occurs in women in the age group of 60 and beyond. However, younger women may also fall prey to it. This cancer develops in the vagina of a woman. The vaginal cancer mostly goes undetected in its early days because it doesn't provide clear signs of vaginal cancer. Gradually when things become little obvious it shows symptoms like vaginal lump, abnormal bleeding during the post menopause period, pain in the vagina etc.

The human tendency is to ignore things until it becomes unbearable. However, since vagina is one of the major organs in the body, one is strongly advised not to neglect such early signs and immediately pay a visit to the concerned doctor. As any delay would only aggravate the situation and make things more complicated. A cancer could either be benign or malignant. A benign cancer is one that has not grown neither has it spread to other body parts. Such type of cancers when detected early is often curable. But in the case of malignant cancer, the cells have already moved further beyond the point of origin. It may have spread out of its origin and affected other areas of the body like lymph nodes etc.

This usually means that it has reached an advanced stages and needs immediate attention and cure. Upon consulting the doctor, he might make the patient go through a few tests to make sure the abnormal changes taking place in the vaginal cells of the woman is indeed cancerous or not. Once the tests confirm the presence of cancerous cells, follows the treatment of the concerned person. However, even if two women have been diagnosed with the same cancer the treatment varies from individual to individual. Treatment depends on factors like age of the women, type, size and stage that the tumor currently is in etc. Similarly, the survival rate of the patient too would vary accordingly.

As per individual medical condition the physician may suggest the best treatment options available to the patient. However, the bottom line is more the delay in visiting the doctor less will be the survival rate and early the detection better will be the patient's prognosis. Hence, vaginal cancer survival rate largely depends on the patient herself. If the delay is from the patient's side even the doctor may not be left with more options.

Vaginal cancer survival rate is generally calculated in a 5 year interval. It takes into account the percentage of people that survived at least 5 years post being diagnosed with the vaginal cancer. Doctors keep a watch on the development of patients who have gone through similar condition and arrive at the average survival chances. In the current time anyone diagnosed with the same cancer tends to look back on such previous reports or calculations and tries to imagine their own survival chances. But it's highly advisable that one shouldn't go deep into such statistics as ultimately survival chance depends on individual condition irrespective of what the previous reports indicate.

It is very important for the person diagnosed with vaginal cancer to remain positive and hopeful. If a previous report similar to the situation that she is in says, that it's difficult to survive once a patient reaches a particular stage, she should remember that it doesn't necessarily have to be true. If a patient is in positive frame of mind she will respond to the treatment and it would definitely give better results. The survival statistics that a patient refers to is always based on past incidences hence this again cannot be fully relied upon. An interval of 5 years is always a long time and the ongoing researches are indicating that there is possibility of availability of better treatment options, drugs in future.

Today scientists are doing many clinical trials to arrive at better and advanced options for women suffering from vaginal cancer. Even the fact that efforts are on to get more advanced medical technologies should also make people hopeful of a better prognosis. The patient shouldn't stop mixing with people and stay aloof. Getting diagnosed with vaginal cancer is no doubt a shock but then losing all hope is a sin already. However, an individual should always be attentive to any abnormality that has been happening to their body and not ignore them. Actually, a simple key to better vaginal cancer survival rate is undoubtedly early detection of the cancer yet with so many advanced technologies in play one never knows the miracle might just happen to her.

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