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Vulvar cancer is a cancer which occurs in the women who are above 65 years. Most of the times, the symptoms are seen on the Vulvar area but in some cases Vulvar cancer symptoms are seen on the skin which borders the urethra, vagina, labia and clitoris. Not a lot of pictorial depiction is available of this cancer because not many ladies are comfortable to expose this part of the body, even to their gynecologists. This is a cancer which can occur at any age but most commonly observed in the old ladies, above 55 years. Therapy for the vulvar cancer can vary according to pattern and location of the symptoms detected.

The most common vulvar cancer early signs are: -

  1. Continuous itching: This is a very common issue which is faced by most of the women. In most of the cases, this issue is always ignored. But it is always recommended that one should visit a doctor so that any sort of an issue can be detected on time.

  2. A burning sensation in the region of the vulva: This is one of the most common vulvar cancer symptoms and can be termed as something wrong. This is a feeling where the vulva region feels warm all the time and when it is rubbed by the tissue it creates a burning sensation.

  3. Immense pain in and around the vagina: This is a problem which can associate with many issues in the vagina. Vulvar cancer being one of them. This is a problem where the vaginal region feels heavy and a lot of pain is felt. This pain is felt even when you are sitting idle without any physical movement.

  4. Unusual bleeding which is not related to the monthly cycle of the woman: This is a cancer which strikes a woman in most of the cases after the age of 55 years. This is the age when a woman does not have her monthly cycle. In spite of this, if there is any sort of staining or bloody discharge one should visit a gynecologist and undergo the correct treatment (vulvar cancer treatment).

  5. Formation of lump in the vaginal region which is hard to touch: Vulvar Cancer Symptoms and Early SignsThis is the time where a mole like growth is seen on the vagina. This is the time when the cancer has gone beyond stage 2B. The mole is very hard to touch and creates a lot of difficulty for the woman. A lot of irritation is also caused in the vaginal area which is hard to deal with.

  6. The color of the skin is faint or white: The skin around the vagina or the vulva become pale in color. In most of the cases the skin is white or pale yellow. Patches of white, yellow or brown color are also observed on the skin near the vagina.

  7. A medium sized sore (open) or Ulcers: Many types of sores are developed because of the infection which is present in the vagina. These sores are open in nature as they contain pus in it. They are mostly yellow or white in color.

  8. Immense pain in the vulva region is observed.

  9. The skin which is present near the vulvar region becomes very thick and erect. Many dark color patches are also observed in that region.

  10. There is always a burning pain felt during urination.

  11. A mole on the vulva that changes shape or color.

This is a cancer which is caused because of the metastasis of some women related cancers (metastasis causes vulvar cancer). This is a cancer which can spread very fast. As it occurs in older women, the level of immunity also reduces and so can be fatal in nature.

Vulvar cancer symptoms can be prevented by taking a lot of precautions such as having safe sexual intercourse, limiting the number of partners, getting vaccinated for HPV at a young age. This is a region which no one would like to expose, but it is always recommended that if any of the above symptoms is observed, a woman should not hesitate and get a check up done soon. Proper diagnosis and expert medical attention is very important to alter life expectancy of vulvar cancer patient fairly well.

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