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Vulvar cancer therapies are most of the times given in combination with surgery. These are therapies which are most of the times given after the main treatment is over. These therapies are not a part of the primary treatment because this is a rare cancer and is not detected at an early stage in most of the cases. This is a cancer which starts affecting the tissues of the vulvar and starts to go deeper with the passage of time. This is a cancer which affects other parts of the female reproductive system and in most of the cases leaves the woman unable to conceive.

There are four types of vulvar cancer therapies; they are as follows;-

  1. Radiation therapy
  2. Tomo therapy
  3. Chemotherapy
  4. Laser therapy

Radiation therapy

Radiation therapy treatment is given to almost every cancer patient after the cancer is removed from the body. This may be the primary treatment if the cancer is diagnosed at an early stage and has not spread beyond the cancer site. This is a treatment which comes under the category of local therapy which is given to the patients. In most of the cases it is combined with chemotherapy for faster and better results.

This is a therapy which uses high beams of x-rays to kill the cancer cells present at a particular place. The beams are of a very high pressure and hence cannot be given to an individual beyond five minutes. This is a therapy which kills the cells just at that place. Radiation therapy can be given in two forms: -

  • internal
  • external

Vulvar Cancer Therapy In internal radiation therapy many products such as needles or catheters are used and placed in the areas where the cancer has developed. These things have drugs in it which help the patient to fight the cancer. This is the time when the cancer is killed because of the drugs being mixed in the blood and spreads in just that location.

In external radiation method, a machine is used which emits a high beam rays which kill the cancerous cells in the body. These rays are emitted right at the cancer site. These beams are of a very high density and not a lot of time is spent in this type of treatment. External radiation is more common than internal radiation.

Laser therapy

This is a therapy which uses a lot of high beam laser ray to kill the cancer. It is not a very common form of therapy. This beam is very narrow and intense. It is a colored beam of a very high power.


This is the most common therapy which is given after the treatment of surgery for any cancer. This is a therapy which is given if the doctor feels that there are a few cancer cells remaining in the body. This therapy may be given by three ways; they are as follows: -

  • Intra-venous
  • Intra-muscles
  • By mouth

Chemotherapy session by mouth means that the drugs are passed into the body like any normal drug. They are taken by the mouth with the help of water.

Intra-venous means that the drug is injected into the veins and passed by the blood stream to the cancer site. This may a cause a lot of side effects because the drug travels to whole of the body and reaches the cancer site. The dosage of the drug is high, and so it causes a lot of damage to the body on the whole.

Intra-muscles session of chemotherapy is also similar to intra-venous. The only difference in this is that the drug is injected into the muscles and then it passes in the body via the blood stream.

Tomo Therapy:

This is the latest Vulvar cancer therapy which is introduced by America. Tomo therapy is a Highly Integrated Adaptive Radiotherapy (HI-ART). The Tomo therapy HI-ART system is a combination of advanced form of accurate CT scanning technology and Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT). It also uses advanced tools for delivering and planning radiation therapy in one machine. With the help of this therapy, the doctors can accomplish the following things: -

  • The doctors are able to kill the smallest or the largest of the hard to reach tumors in the sensitive area of a woman. The beams produced by this machine are very powerful.
  • As this machine has an in built CT scan, the tumors can be detected more accurately in terms of their shape, size and location.
  • The radiation to other healthy tissue is also reduced on a large extent.

Vulvar cancer therapies are regarded as complimentary therapies because these help a patient to destroy the cancerous cells from the body completely. These therapies are always recommended by a doctor to the patient because many a times immediate recurrence of vulvar cancer is also observed. Also research about vulvar cancer is going on HPV vaccine for women, sentinel lymph node and photodynamic therapy as a treatment.

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