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Vulvar cancer treatment is given to the woman who is suffering from the malignancy in the Vulva region. This is a region in the vagina of the woman. The cancer starts to spread in the tissues of the vulva and then penetrates deeper. There are many types of vulvar cancer cure for the patients with this cancer.

There have been a lot of new advancements in the felid of medicine to generate new types of treatments. So, the treatment of vulvar cancer can be divided into two types: -

  • Standard: The currently used treatments.
  • Clinical Trials and Research vulvar cancer for new methods of treatment: Clinical trials always prove to be very helpful for the patient because they are new versions of the old treatments.

There are four types of standard treatments for Vulvar cancer: -


This is a powerful treatment and thus the most common of the lot. With the help of this treatment, the cancer is completely removed from the body and there is no loss in the sexual function of the woman. It is the most reliable type of treatment for removing the cancer present in the vulva region. There are many types of surgeries that may be performed. The choice is made by the doctor after a thorough analysis of the woman. One of the following types of surgery may be done:

  1. Local radical excision: - This is also like Local wide excision. The only difference in this method of treatment is that a large part of the healthy tissue is removed along with the cancerous cells. If the cancer has spread too much then the groins or the lymph nodes are also removed from that region.

  2. Local wide excision: - In this process, the whole cancer is removed from that particular region and a little amount of healthy tissue also is removed from that particular part of the body.

  3. Radical vulvectomy:- in this type of vulvar cancer cure, the whole of the vulva and the organs around it are removed. The clitoris is also removed when this type of treatment is performed. Surrounding lymph nodes may also be removed.

  4. Vulvectomy: A surgical procedure to remove the whole of the vulva or a part of it. This can be done in the following ways: -

  • Simple vulvectomy: - In this type of treatment, the entire vulva is removed from the body.
  • Skinning vulvectomy: - This method is used when the cancer is just in the top layer of the vulva. The skin from that region is completely removed. Skin is removed from some other region of the body and is put in that region.

Laser therapy

This is the oldest therapy which is used to cure this cancer. In this type of treatment, a laser beam in passed on to vulvar region of the woman. This is a narrow beam which has a very strong level of light which can kill the cells that produce cancer.


This is a treatment which uses a lot of drugs to cure the cancer from the body of the woman. This is the time when the doctor passes the drugs into the body of the woman with the help of injections. This can be done via passing the drugs into the veins of the woman or the muscles of the woman. This is therapy which can cause a lot of side effects for the woman. In vulver therapy the drugs reach the cancer site via the blood stream. The drug is of a very high level and so many a times, it gets very tough for the woman to fight back these side effects. This drug is used so that the multiplication of cancerous cells can stop. The new way of treating vulvar cancer with the help of chemotherapy is that the drug can directly be placed in an organ, spinal column, a body cavity or sometimes onto the skin.

Pelvic exenteration: - This is a process wherein the rectum, bladder and the lower colon are removed from the body. There are chances the vagina, cervix, lymph nodes and the ovaries may also be removed when this type of treatment takes place. When this type of surgery takes place, there is an artificial opening which is made in the lower body so that the urine and stools can pass out. This is collected in the bag which is attached in the body via a cord.

Radiation therapy

Vulvar Cancer Treatment and Cure Radiation therapy treatment is a direct treatment given to the patients suffering from vulvar cancer. This is a treatment which uses a high energy beams in the form of x-rays which are directly exposed to the region where cancer is present. This is a short process. As the rays are of a very high density, they can cause a lot of harm as they are exposed to the skin for more than 5 minutes at a stretch. Radiation can be given in two forms internal and external. In internal radiation, the radioactive elements are inserted in the body with the help of needles, catheters or wires. In external radiation, a machine is used which emits rays and hence these rays kill the cancerous growths. Also this treatment is used for local recurrence of vulvar cancer.

Vulvar cancer treatment can be done with the help of the above mentioned ways. Cancer is an illness which requires the correct treatment at the correct time so that one's life can be saved. The most commonly used vulvar cancer cure is surgery. This has in many cases been the most reliable form of treatment in getting rid of this cancer. If the cancer has reached some other parts of the body or the stage of this particular cancer has gone beyond 2, then the treatment is combined with other therapies to completely remove his cancer from the body. Also research (vulvar cancer research) is going on HPV vaccine for women, sentinel lymph node and photodynamic therapy as a treatment.

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