Cancer is an abnormal cell-growth occurring in human body and may originate from any of the areas or organs. The disorder can be very dangerous, or even fatal, if ignored for long. It develops in the form of tumors that have a typical tendency to metastasize. Such tumors metastasize or spread to various parts of the body via bloodstream.

Cancer types

Cancerous infection is of various types and may affect various areas of the body simultaneously or phase-wise. Most common and fatal forms of the disorder are the ones originating in the lungs, liver, kidney, colon, rectum or bowel. All tumors are not of the same type. Apart from the cancerous ones, there is another type of tumor known as benign tumor. Benign ones are usually risk-free for the body and do not cause damage like the cancerous or malignant ones. Cancerous tumors are dangerous because of their ability to metastasize and need to be treated on an urgent basis.

What causes cancer?

Cancerous cells may originate due to a variety of risk factors and may increase its intensity in due time. Hereditary and genetic factors, personal background of the infection or treatment taken for the same, and family background of the disease may put a person at risk. Tobacco consumption, excess exposure to harmful radiation, smoking and intake of other carcinogenic substances cause cell abnormality. Proper understanding of causes and symptoms can help to curb abnormal cell-growth to a great extent.

Types of Cancer Treatment Cancerous growth may sound an incurable disease, but certainly, it may be treated if diagnosed in the early stages. Prompt treatment may be helpful to increase the life expectancy in a person suffering from the disease. This website provides you useful information about the types of cancerous development, their various stages, the causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatments and other relevant information. This information has been produced after an extensive research of the case studies and experts knowledge on the subject.

The symptoms of any type of cancer may not be physically suspected. One needs to undergo several diagnostic tests and examinations. Just like the causes, even the symptoms are dependent on the type of the cancerous growth. The signs also depend on the location of the malignant cell development. Nevertheless, there may not be any significant symptom or sign for some of the malignancies for a long time, this is when it becomes important to detect the cell abnormality and treat it before the condition worsens. Some of the common symptoms for are weight loss, fatigue, loss of appetite and fever.

Before one can confirm malignant growth, few tests such as X-rays, biopsy, blood tests, CT scan etc. may be done. These tests and examinations help diagnosing the disease, as well as analyzing the level of the growth and consequent danger to the life.

Based on the symptoms and the diagnosis of the cancer and its stage, the treatments begins. As said earlier, the cell abnormality may not be cured but certainly treated to extend the life span of the person suffering from the disease. In certain cases, the removal of unwanted cell growth is the solution, in case the cell growth is isolated to a certain organ or a small area. However, if the cell growth is large, radiation treatments and chemotherapy may be beneficial.

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